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Please Note: While there are thousands of unfunded project brokers/owners looking to sell their idea to a funding source for  capital support based upon a return on future cash flows from projects, we are not in this class of capital sources. Please refrain from submitting these types of funding requests.

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This is not an all-inclusive list of all CRE loan programs available.
USA properties only.

Michael Lewis Group charges NO up front fees.
Normative closing fees apply.

All terms subject to change until term sheet issued.
USA, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada
acquisition, refinance, bridge & construction loans

Data Center Construction and Bridge loans  Hotel Financing 
NN / NNN / STNL CREDIT RATED MOB portfolio loans
Hospital construction loans   Hospital Purchase Loan   Medical Office Building construction loans     

Puerto Rico - Virgin Islands hard money bridge and SBA loans

PPP Public Private Partnership Infrastructure Funding - Airports, Stadiums, Utility Scale Solar, Municipal

Transaction Type
Applicable Commercial Property, Loan Type or sample non-binding examples of loan range of terms, conditions or parameters.
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Typical days to close
NNN,  STNL, BBB+ Franchise Purchase
Rates from 3.25%
Malls, drug store, BBB+ S&P / Moodys rated STNL franchise
NNN STNL Loan Docs
Commercial Real Estate Purchase Loan
From 4%, various fixed and amortization terms and rates

Most commercial real estate property types:
Multi Family
Mobile Home Parks
Light Industrial
Car Washes
Automotive Services
Office Buildings
Mixed-Use Buildings
Shopping Malls
Apartment Buildings
Auto Dealerships
Funeral Homes
Self-Storage Units
Gas Stations
Assisted Living
Retail Stores
Shopping Centers
Golf Courses
Parking Structures
Medical Facilities
Not an all inclusive list - Most CRE property types considered.
Submit complete acquisition purchase application package for consideration.

CRE Loan Docs

NO MIN FICO Commercial Conventional Loans
Subprime Commercial
Loan Size: from $1mm to $10mm
Location:   Urban and suburban US properties, West Coast
Improved income-producing commercial properties only
Rates:  from 4.4%
Terms:  Up to 30 years
Max LTV:  70% based on appraised value
Min. FICO:  None

No min fico
commercial purchase docs

60 - 90 day close
Commercial Real Estate Refinance Loan Most commercial real estate property types:
From 4%

CRE Re-Fi Loan Docs
Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loan Most commercial real estate property types:

3mm+, 1-3yrs
up to 75% LTV
Rates starting at 5.99%

CRE Bridge Loan Docs
Commercial Real Estate Bridge to Permanent Loan Most commercial real estate property types:
Min loan size $500,000
Bridge from 8%.
We can facilitate perm exit.
CRE Bridge to Perm Loan Docs
10-30 bridge. Perm dependent upon requirements
Commercial Real Estate Blanket Loan for Multiple Properties - Buy, refi, cash out
Most commercial real estate property types:
Stabilized Properties
5-30 Year Term
To 75% LTV
Minimum loan size $300,000
Floating and Fixed Rates ranging from 4.875%
Non-stabilized return completed loan docs with LOE

Our blanket loan programs apply to a minimum of two CRE properties to thousands -
(ie: entire SREO or entire data tapes up to $500mm.)
CRE Blanket, Re-fi, Cash-out Loan Docs
Commercial Real Estate Hard Money Purchase Loan Most commercial real estate property types:
Stabilized Properties
5-30 Year Term
To 75% LTV
From 8%
CRE Hard Money Loan docs
Commercial Real Estate Hard Money Cash Out / Re-Fi Loan Most commercial real estate property types:
Stabilized Properties
5-30 Year Term
To 75% LTV
From 8%
CRE Hard Money Refi or cash out Loan docs 3-30
Typical 10 working days
CRE Hard Money Bridge Loans
Most commercial real estate property types:
Stabilized or Non-Stabilized Properties with exit
6 month to 3 Year Term
To 75% LTV
From 8%
Generally, the faster you need the loan, the higher the risk and interest rate
CRE Hard Money Bridge Loan docs 5-30
Commercial / Residential Investment Property Soft Money
Up to 70% LTV
Rates starting at 6.99% w/ 1 point
(Par Priced Loans available)
Stated Income-No Tax Returns
640+ FICO
Residential - NOO. No substantial rehabs. $150k- $1.5mm
Commercial $150k - 5mm
10% seller carry allowed for purchase, 25% Min from borrower.
CRES Soft Money Loan Docs
45 - 90
Small Balance Commercial
Loan Amounts: $25k to $500k
Terms: 5-25 Yrs
Amortization: 5-25 Yrs
LTV: 75% Max
Small bal CRE loan docs
Non-Stabilized Short Term Loans
To 65% Loan To Cost (INCLUDING REHAB)
Variable Rates TBD
5-10 Year Term
To 75% LTV
Floating and Fixed Rates ranging from 4.875%-7%
90% of Portfolio must be stabilized
Non Recourse
SFR, CONDO, TOWN HOME investment ports / properties
Non-Stabilized Short Term Loan Docs
Luxury Single Family Residence Investment Property Loans
Western USA, Hawaii and Alaska only at this time.
Bridge loans for land acquisition, renovation if necessary and subsequent construction phase.
Minimum $1mm , $4mm maximum
LTC 60% - 80%
Rates from 7.9%
Lender points 1.5 - 2.5
Proof of Funds
LLC Formation Docs
Fast commitment
Residential/Commercial Investment Properties: LOW DOC
To 65% LTV, Min $100k-$5mm
Acquisition, re-fi, bridge loan
Low appraisal cost, fast site visit and closing.
High risk, high interest
We can facilitate exit (perm) if required.
No/ Lo Doc Loan Submission
3-10 work days +/-
Fix and Flip / Rehab

Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Washington, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Georgia,
South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, California
1.5 lender pts.
Up to 2.5% broker points
$500 processing fee to lender.
Points never go above 4.
Up to 80%  (ARV)
Up to 90% of Purchase Price (10% down minimum)
Will fund 100% of Rehab.
No Tear Downs, Ground up, or rehab in excess of purchase price
No appraisals. BPOs are used.
Instant online pricing/pre-approval.
$199 App fee for credit, background, and BPO
Rates start at 9.75%, I/O, No pre-pay.
Pricing dictated by borrower experience, credit score, LTV.
Credit Auth

30 days +
SFR investment property purchase or refi, refi-cash out

One doc loan!
FAST closing!

Download the doc, complete, return.

Fast appraisal (approximately $450 -$500 - depends upon state)

No debt to income ratios
Must have a 580 score +

30 day seasoning on a rehab!
Buy a home, rehab it & after 30 days apply for a cash out loan—NO ONE else does this

Cash outs while your home is listed!
Have your home listed on MLS and take cash out—NO ONE else does this!
(Example - FHA requires 90 days property not being listed & conventional requires 180 days)

Most states on and east of the Mississippi plus Texas and Oklahoma
Not north of Boston, no Arkansas, Kentucky, or West VA.
We can do refi cash out or purchase. MINIMUM 580 FICO

Loan doc
10 working days +/-
Fast acquisition or refi / cash out for rental properties

Stated income

Single Family Detached
1 -­­ 2 Family
3 -­­ 4 F a m i l y
Warrantable Condos
30 yr loan
7/1 Libor ARM
Rates from 6.9%
Stated income - 75% LTV
Purchase, rate/term refi, and cash out refi
Requires most recent tax returns just to make sure client is filing
WE DO NOT calculate Debt-To-Income Ratio
Income is not a qualifying factor 
Rate based off mid credit score, LTV, and DSCR - minimum 630 FICO
Min Loan amount is $45k
Min property value - $80k
Max Loan $1,000,000
Must be non-­­owner occupied
Must be less than 2 acres
Minimum gross living area 750 sq ft


Loan doc
2-3 weeks
Owner Occupied Residential and Commercial Hard Money

Up to 100% financing on owner-occupied commercial real estate. One of the great features of this new program is the ability to finance closing costs, improvements, and other borrowing needs (furniture, equipment etc.). A quick overview of this program:


-Offering SBA 7a, SBA 504, USDA B&I and Conventional Business Loan program

-Loans available for business or real estate acquisitions, construction, refinancing, franchise or equipment financing.

-500k minimum loan amount, terms up to 25 years fully amortizing

-Fast, accurate and free loan pre-qualification process


Owner Occupied res and cre hard loan docs
Hotel / Motel / Casino / Hospitality Purchase
Non-Recourse Permanent Financing
CMBS and conventional loans starting at $3 MM.

Current Rates
5.38% I 10 YEAR FIXED

5-10 year term
25-30 year amortization

Loan Parameters
LTV from 65% to 75%
DSCR > 1.45x

Hospitality Purchase

Hotel / Motel / Casino / Hospitality Re-Fi
From 3.25%
Re-Fi or Cash Out

Hotel / Motel / Casino / Hospitality Bridge Loan
Non-Recourse Bridge Loan - Great for non stabilized properties or rehab.

Current Rates Starting at 6%

Term 3 Years

Prepayment: Waived. (If we do the permanent financing.)

Loan Parameters
Up to 75%
DSCR starting at 0.95x
Non recourse
Pre-approval for permanent financing including CMBS
Hard Money Loan

Current Rates As low as 10%
(With 2-4% origination fees)

1 – 2 Years



Hard money
USA and Canada


RV parks
Auto dealer
Self storage
Golf courses
Movie theater
Parking facilities
Religious buildings
Strip Mall / shopping center
Retirement / assisted living
Inventory loans for builders
Private educational facilities
Condo construction / conversion
Land loans for development with viable exit

USA major metro areas and Canada metro.

To 65% for land purchases with viable exit, commercial & industrial properties and construction, higher LTV with acceptable collateral.
To 75% for income producing properties.
Typically full recourse.
Closings typically 10 working days after receipt of required documentation.

Subdivision land, pre development, residential and commercial new construction, revolving credit facilities construction and inventory loans, Interest only fixed rate acquisition and re-fi term loans  1-3 year term, minimum $4mm / max at around $100mm.

Bridge loan - 30 days to 12 months $4mm / max at around $100mm.

example rates:
10 - 12% I/O with 30 day take out notice typical

PI & auth
Forms list
Send a ONE PAGE summary so we know which other  intake form to send you:

IE Purchase, bridge, re-fi or construction / development

See bottom of page for email address

Under 30 days

10 working days
typical after receipt of loan docs
Hotel / Motel / Casino / Hospitality PIP Property Improvement Loan
Many property improvement and FDD compliant programs available.
Submit basic info to:
See pip loan instructions for required documents list.
PIP Loan

Fast low LTV hard money $1m+
Fly and Fund Program.
Meet the check writers.
Commitments with a handshake.
Fast close, high risk - high interest.
This lender charges an up front due diligence fee to pay for their site visit.
We can facilitate exit to perm if required.
True short term, fast close loan solution.

From $1mm
Based upon property valuation to loan
Contiguous USA states, top 50 MSA's, Low LTV
Structured for short term, fast resolution scenarios

Distressed property fast bridge loans
Fly and Fund fast close hard money loan docs
Portfolio Pool Blanket Loan Program
Stabilized Properties Product Terms
5-10 Year Term
To 75% LTV
Floating and Fixed Rates ranging from 4.875%-7%
90% of Portfolio must be stabilized
Non Recourse
States: Nationwide

Port Pool blanket loan docs
Landlord Loans
For Leveraging rented, stabilized portfolios
Competitive rate
Advance rate: Up to 75% of purchase price
Term: 5 years
$500k to $100 million
4-6 weeks close
USA properties only

Landlord Loan Docs
Multi Family Purchase
Multi Family purchase, re-fi, bridge, blanket loan
From 4%, various fixed rate and amortization periods.
Multi Fam
Loan docs

Bridge 30
Purchase 60-90
Re-fi 30-90
Blanket - 60+
NO MINIMUM FICO Commercial Multifamily Loans
Subprime Multifamily
from  $1 Million to $25+ Million
Location:  Urban and suburban US properties, Nationwide            
Improved income-producing multifamily properties
Rates:  from 3.9%
Terms: Up to 30 years
Max LTV:  75% based on appraised value
Min. FICO:  None
No Min FICO MF loan docs
30-75 days
Nationwide Multi-Family 5+ units
Loan Amount:  $500K - $5MM
Term & Amortization:  up to 30yrs
Rates:  starting at 3.75%
Interest only available
30-45day closings

loan docs

Close avg
30-45 days

Single Family Rental Residence Investment Portfolio Line of Credit
$1mm - $100mm
For acquiring, rehabbing, and growing portfolios   
$1mm Line minimum, to $100mm
12 month draw
Non-Recourse Loan
640 Minimum Credit score
Active partner (minimum of 10 transactions in the last 12 months)
No Bankruptcies, no Felonies
Rate is 9% I/O, 3 point
Lesser of 75%LTV or 85% LTC, Rehab funds max out at 35%
No collateral required other than properties acquired using the LOC
Proof of Funds Letter supplied

$500k to $100 million   
Time to Close    30 days +/- ( LOC commitment 3-5 days)   
USA properties only

SFR Port
LOC Docs

Commitment 3-10.
Close 10-60
Single Family Rental Residence Investment Portfolio Line of Credit
1-4 unit
From $100,000 revolving LOC

2 programs;
10% or 20% down
700  or 620 FICO

Rehab- lesser of 80% of acquisition and rehab costs or 65% of (ARV)
5, 10 or 30 year fixed
Up to 30 year amortization
Rates high 5's to high 7's

Send request for line on Word Doc with contact info, Track Record, Credit Auth and SREO
Track Record
Credit Auth


Loan on Cash Flowing Properties - 1-4 Units
Approval Based on Cash Flow
1-4 Units
620 Fico Score
12 Month Liquid Reserves
$100,000 Minimum Value
30 Year Fixed
75% Maximum LTV
Rates 6-7.5%
Send request for loan on Word Doc with contact info, Credit Auth and SREO
Credit Auth

Blanket Loan on Multiple Properties
Approval Based on Cash Flow

620 Fico Score
6 Months Liquid Reserves
$50,000 Minimum Value Per Property
5, 10 and 30 Year Fixed
$150,000 Minimum Blanket Loan
75% Maximum LTV
Rates 5 - 7.5%
Send request for loan on Word Doc with contact info, Credit Auth and SREO

Credit Auth

Marina loan

Various fixed rate and amortization periods.
Many options available to suit your needs.

Marina Loan
Loan docs

10-60 days depending upon loan type
Credit line for active lenders
For lenders only.

$10mm - $100mm
USA only.
$10M minimum
For experienced, established lenders with at least a MINIMUM CURRENT  $12M+ balance sheet of loans.
Rates starting around 6% for line.
To apply please supply:
1: Loan portfolio spreadsheet or current inventory.
(redact proprietary info please - we need only to see mix of loan types, MSAs and amounts)

2: Bio’s on principal(s) & company:
   (How long in business, types of loans serviced, terms, MSA’s serviced, rates, etc.).

3: Executive summary spelling out their loan / line request.

4: Full contact info for principal contact - Full legal name, email, best phone number.

5: PI & Auth form

6: PFS for principles owning 20% or + of client company

Submit 6
Pre-Qual Items listed

Variable. Contact with submission docs
Fast Small Business Loans
FAST Private-money Low Doc loan
Low or no prepayment penalty and No out-of-pocket fees
USA ONLY - No real estate collateral required
$50,000 to $500,000
1 to 5 years
Minimum FICO 620
No prepayment penalties
Monthly payments
Rates from 6.99%
Close in as little as 2 weeks

Funds can be used for: Working Capital, Inventory, Equipment, Debt Consolidation, & more. NO start-ups.
Must show 2yrs tax returns & Min $150K/yr revenue.
Submission Docs Required: Personal Financial Statement, last 2 years tax returns, tri merge credit report, business debt schedule, last 2 months bank statements, year to date P&L/Balance Sheet.

See submission docs required
on left


Credit Auth

Send all completed docs here
10 working days typical
after receipt of all  submission docs
B2B Asset Based Lending
Corporate B2B Asset Based Lending. $1m-$30m. FAST Closings. USA/Canada only

$1m-$30m USA/Canada only
Must be "in business"
Geared towards Manufacturers & Distributors
Lines of Credit & Corporate Loans
We'll need:
Current Income
Current Balance
Inventory Detail Report
B2B only.
Borrow based on A/R, Inventory & Equipment
LOI possible within days
Funding possible in a few weeks
Lines of Credit and Corporate Loans

Simply send:

Current Income
Current Balance
Inventory Detail Report
10-30 days
SBA commercial real estate acquisition and re-fi
SBA 504 Loan For Acquisition
Full recourse loans from $1-15 MM.

Current Rates
Starting at 5.50%
Term - 10 Years

Loan Parameters:
Personal credit score of 675 or better.
DSCR > 1.20x

Business Loans – SBA 7A & 504
Up to 90% Financing for Owner Occupied Properties
Investment Properties
Up to 80% Financing for Income Producing Properties
Shopping Centers
Office Buildings
No Maximum Loan Amount

SBA Commercial Real Estate Loan Docs

SBA Business Loan
Any SBA qualified business loan.

Restructure, acquisitions, A&R
SBA Business  Loan Docs

Submit documents to or
send us a drop box link via email for all completed documents.
Incomplete applications cannot be processed.      We do not facilitate 100% funding. **

Purchase or Bridge Loan
Refinance and Refinance Cash Out
PI and Auth Credit Pull Authorization
Personal Financial Statement
SREO for blanket and portfolio loan
1003 application
Commercial Rent Roll form
I & E Operating Statement
Truck purchase or refi application
Hospitality Construction Application
Commercial Construction Generic App
Truck application credit authorization
Hospitality PIP loan Application
Commercial Real Estate Purchase
SFR 1-4 Construction Loan
Hospitality Purchase Loan
Commercial Real Estate Refinance
SFR 1-4 Purchase or Bridge Loan
Hospitality Refinance Loan
Small Balance CRE Blanket Loan
SFR 1-4 Refinance Loan
Generic Business Credit Application
Residential Development Loan

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Other commercial real estate loans

** 100% funding POST soft cost stage is available to BBB+ rated entities and sovereign countries on a sale lease-back option for acquisition and large scale PPP construction loans from $15mm to $5bn. Examples: Municipal, stadium, hospital / medical, class A apartment, big box stores, NNN, STNL , etc.

Recently completed commercial real estate loans and projects

We offer access to a variety of permanent and construction financing options to suit most client needs.

We can facilitate commercial real estate bridge loans from $500,000 to $50,000,000 as well as acquisition & refinance loans to $500,000,000.


Acquisition loans for single properties or entire portfolios from $250,000 to  $500,000,000 for U.S.A. commercial real estate. We can facilitate loans for non- U.S.A. residents in most situations.

Refinance loans for obtaining a lower interest rate and / or to leverage equity in your property to get "cash out"  for property improvements or other purposes.

Hard Money

From 9% - Interest Only w/ balloon
Closings as fast as 10 business days

SBA Loans

Business and property acquisition
for qualified borrowers

PIP Loans for Hospitality

Property Improvement Program loans for Flagged and boutique hotels / motels