Hotel financing purchase, refinance, bridge, construction & PIP loans

Hotel financing

Hotel Bridge Loan - hotel purchase, refinance or cash out
$500,000 - $80mm (more for experienced operators)
Interest Only - compare interest only rates below
12 - 24 months with extensions available
Non Recourse available
No Prepayment penalty
To 75% LTV
10% - 12% per annum typical interest rate
Interest typically computed on an actual/360 simple interest basis

Close in 30 days typical - faster if necessary and conditions permit

Hotel purchase finance loan

To 80% LTV
10 yr loan 30 year amortization
Non Recourse available
No Prepay penalty
4% -7% int rate
$5mm - $80mm

Close in 60+/- days typical

Hotel re finance loan  or refinance cash out
PIP Property Improvement Program financing for flagged hospitality property 

To 80% LTV
10 yr loan 30 year amortization
Non Recourse available
No Prepay penalty
4% -7% int rate
$5mm - $80 million USD

Close in 60+/- days typical

Ground Up Hotel Construction Finance 
$5 million to $80 million
18 - 36 months typical
Non Recourse
70% LTV typical
5% - 7% Interest Only credit line
80% LTC can include land or equity already into project
No Prepayment Penalty after initial minimum interest period

Capital Stack Hotel Finance  IE: Debt / Equity Combo  / Mezzanine

To $500 million + / more with syndication
70% Senior debt / 3 mo LIBOR + 300 Basis points typical adjusted quarterly
10-20% equity required from principal - can include cash in / equity in land - property to date
Mezzanine gap funding at 8%+/- 

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Commercial real estate loans

Commercial Loan Calculator: Compare interest only hotel bridge loan to fully amortized loan.

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compare interest only loans with fully amortized loans.

We offer access to a variety of permanent and construction financing options to suit most client needs.

We can facilitate commercial real estate bridge loans from $500,000 to $50,000,000 as well as acquisition & refinance loans to $500,000,000.


Acquisition loans for single properties or entire portfolios from $250,000 to  $500,000,000 for U.S.A. commercial real estate. We can facilitate loans for non- U.S.A. residents in most situations.

Refinance loans for obtaining a lower interest rate and / or to leverage equity in your property to get "cash out"  for property improvements or other purposes.

Hard Money

From 9% - Interest Only w/ balloon
Closings as fast as 10 business days

SBA Loans

Business and property acquisition
for qualified borrowers

PIP Loans for Hospitality

Property Improvement Program loans for Flagged and boutique hotels / motels