Most commonly used loan forms

Construction - Purchase - Bridge - Re-finance

NOTE: ALL loans require only 3 documents submitted for us
to determine if we have a lender for a particular loan scenario:

1: Appropriate intake form, a
2: Personal Financial Statement and a
3: 3-bureau tri merge credit report.

A loan can not be considered without these 3 forms correctly and completely filled out.
If we deem a loan viable we'll issue an engagement agreement and request further documentation.
For refinance / cash out bridge loans we can usually get a term sheet within 72 hours if a loan makes sense.

Construction - Purchase - Bridge - Re Finance  INTAKE FORMS

Download your forms here:

 Construction Sub-Form (Hospitality)

 Commercial Construction Loan Sub-Form (Generic)

 Purchase REFINANCE and PIP Sub-Form (Hospitality)

 Purchase Submission Form (Generic)

 Refinance Sub-Form (Hospitality)

 Refinance Submission Form (Generic)

 Residential Construction-Development Sub-Form

 Single Family Rental (1-4) Construction Form

SFR (1-4) Purchase or Bridge Sub-Form

SFR (1-4) Refinance Sub-Form

Small Balance Blanket Loan Sub-Form

Personal Financial Statement PDF format
Personal Financial Statement DOC format 

Hospital Finance - Healthcare Mortgage Loans

Where to obtain a tri merge credit report:

Be aware many of the above offer a free trial but charge fees after the free trial ends.

Read the terms on the site you choose for instructions how to cancel subscription once you retrieve your free credit report or you may be charged monthly fees.

Please use the site which best serves your needs. 
Various additional loan forms:

Purchase or Bridge Loan
Refinance and Refinance Cash Out
PI and Authorization for Credit Pull
SREO for blanket / portfolio loan
1003 application
Commercial Rent Roll form
Truck purchase or refi application
Business Credit Application
Truck Buy/Refi credit authorization

I & E Operating Statement   SBA business  loan zip file all forms

Commercial real estate  and business acquisition SBA loans

Send inquiries to


Hard Money

From 9% - Interest Only w/ balloon
Closings as fast as 10 business days

SBA Loans

Business and property acquisition
for qualified borrowers

PIP Loans for Hospitality

Property Improvement Program loans for Flagged and boutique hotels / motels