Commercial Real Estate Loan Matrix

Each section represents a real estate lender we work with. If you don't see your commercial real estate loan scenario described here you probably don't need it, but feel free to contact us anyway.
Credit lines for lenders - lender credit lines to $100mm
Loan Calculator
Accounts Receivable A/R Factoring, Transportation Financing for long haulers, hotshots, delivery services, logistic companies and specialized carriers - Purchase Order Financing, Asset-based revolver, etc.
Acquisition / Construction / Refinance / Rehabilitation

Multifamily Products: Nat’l Freddie Mac Program Plus
Fannie Mae DUS® Multifamily (Seller/Servicer)
HUD, MAP, & LEAN (Originator and Servicer)
Capital Products Include:
Relationships with 40+ Life Cos
Can place Non-Recourse ($1M to $100M+)
Origination & servicing agreements with over 30 CMBS Conduits
In-house Proprietary Lending
Providing solutions to re-capitalize or re-position assets

Agency Preferred FHA lender. Will do all the FHA loans including Construction, apartments, assisted living/nursing homes and HOSPITALS!

In house funding
Sweet spot is $2mm-$3mm - can syndicate loans $4mm+
LTV’s up to 50-60%.
Prefer Agricultural loans.
Will do some residential development and raw land but Ag is their preference.
Interest only 12-15% at 2-4 points

Alt A
Small Balance Commercial (Stated Income)
Multifamily, 1 to 4 family investments properties including condos, Mixed-Use, Retail, Warehouse, Office, Auto Repair, Self-Storage Facilities, & Mobile Home Parks
*Exclusions: Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Commercial Condos, Land, Construction, Development, Car Washes, Gas Stations, Churches
All States except for MI, VT, and IL, No and So Dakota, TN
Owner-Occupied or Investor
$100,000 - $2,000,000 (Stated)
Amortization: 20 or 30 years


Small balance commercial for self employed borrowers
Apartment buildings, retail, office, office/warehouse, auto repair, day cares, hair salons, funeral homes, hotel/motels, recreational properties.
*Exclusions: land, construction, rehab, gas stations, assisted living facilities, dry cleaners, salvage yards, restaurants, bars and auto sales.
Nationwide, EXCEPT: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, Cuyahoga County in Ohio, Vermont, and West Virginia, Los Angeles County
Owner-occupied and investment properties
NO auto related properties.
$25,000 up to $500,000
Amortization: 15 or 25 years depending on the loan amount

Apartment Bridge Favorite Niche: Very aggressive bridge lender in the high quality apartment space, rates can be exceptional-below 9% is possible.

For Bridge and CMBS:
Any commercial property type in excess of $5mm Any multifamily in excess of $2mm Rates range from 6% up.
Fannie / FHA: Any multifamily property in excess of $500k in total loan amount and exceeding 8 units min
Apartment, Office, Retail, Self Storage, Industrial, Warehouse Leading source for FOREIGN NATIONALS seeking small-balance commercial real estate loans in major markets nationwide.  Our specialty is providing the creative terms, maximum proceeds and rapid closings borrowers need to get deals done.  Loans from $750k to $10MM - Terms incl. 5/1, 10 Yr. Balloon; 7/1, 10 Yr. Balloon; Cash-out financing permitted - Bridge loans from $1MM to $10MM - Executive summary, rent roll , operating numbers, photos & personal resume required for submission - Bridge-Up to 70% LTC, Apt-Up to 75% LTV, Invtmt-Up to 75% LTV, Small balance Freddie program for 1m to 5mil up to 80%.  New low deposits (5k)on loans under $5mil
AR Deals Only

New - Fast Track - funding program lender has rolled out nationwide. The goal is to fund A/R only deals in 48 hours. Once they have the below 5 things, Can negotiate a rate verbally. If agreed to be the company, can fund within 48 hours. Required documents are: Application Form, Photo ID of Principal, Copy of Articles of Inc., Detailed A/R aging, Debtor contact list, with names/addresses.

AR Factoring A/R Factoring - Clients fill out a schedule of invoices they wish to sell when they need cash. Upon receipt of the schedule-  will fund 75-90% of the total amount. Once the invoice is collected in lender’s lock box, the reserve account (less fees) will be returned to the customer.
AR Factoring

A/R Financing and Factoring

Asset Based Lending Primarily lends to businesses with sales from $1 million to $50 million. Funding can be structured as either a loan or a purchase of accounts, depending on the situation. Both long and short term funding are available. Funding is based primarily on company's accounts receivable.
Asset Based Lending and Factoring Equipment, Real Estate and A/R
Blanket Bridge Loan Bridge Blanket loan lender. Will do 1 unit up to 20 units. $50.000 -$5 million. Rates are 8-15%, 6 month pre-pay then no pre-pay. Can do releases. NO MINIMUM SCORE. Great loan for flip and fix investors...not a long term hold – just 1-2 year money. Up to 70% LTV cash out.
Blanket Loans (5+ Prop) / Fix-Flip (LOC) Blanket term loans for landlords owning 5+ rental properties and fix/flip lines of credit. | Non-recourse loans; nationwide availability (all 50 states); underwritten like a commercial loan.
Blanket Loans / Residential Rental Property Financing Backed by premier global investment and advisory firm, a commercial real estate lender that places permanent fixed and floating rate debt on portfolios of residential rental properties which consist of single family homes, condos, townhouses, 2-4 unit multifamily, aptmt bldgs and mixed use w/up to 40% commercial.  Lend on portfolio sizes from $500,000 to $50,000,000, have recourse and non-recourse programs available, loan terms of 5 and 10 yrs and typically allow 30 yr amortizations.  Program has LTV’s up to 75% as long as the loan size meets a min DSCR off NCF of 1.20x and Debt Yield of 8%.  Typical time from signed Term Sheet with expense deposit to closing is 45 dys. 
Blanket Residential Loans Product Characteristics: 5 and 10 year fixed rate; 30-year amort. Up to 70%LTV / 1 point lender origination / 5 properties minimum; No limit on number of properties under Blanket Loan / Stablized properties only / 6-months reserves required per property financed.
$500,000 - $20 Million
United States only

Apartment Complexes - Office Buildings - Mixed Use Properties - Retail Centers - Shopping Malls - Warehouses - Single Tenant - Light Industrial - Urban Land - Residential Investment Properties

Acquisition - Refinance - Cash Out Refinance - Repositioning - Cosmetic Upgrades - Opportunistic Situation
LTV Up to 65%

Interest Only
1-3 years
10% - 13%
1-2 weeks possible
2-4 points - No Prepayment Penalties
NO Mezzanine or 2nd mortgage transactions
NO Primary Single Family Residences, Rural Land, Ground Up Construction or Hotels

Loans up to $7 Million that need boutique commercial work like a small equity play or purchases of discounted notes.

Bridge Bridge loans USA only

Interim/bridge loans on purchase transactions with borrower’s cash equity into the deal

Office, Retail, Multi-Family, Office-Warehouse
NO construction, land, gas stations, hotels, assisted living, or special purpose properties

All continental US, western states preferred
Owner-Occupied or Investor
$500,000 - $5,000,000 - preferred $1 - $3 million
Interest only
12-24 months
Cash-out refinances on a case by case basis.

Bridge Active bridge lender- decent rates 10-12 range -major metros only

$1,000,000 to $10,000,000
6 to 24 months
LTV to 75%
Commercial Real Estate
10-12% +/-
Office and Industrial Properties, Multifamily Developments, Single Family, Developments, Condominium Conversions, Rental Properties, Hotels, Retail Locations, Ranches
Northeast USA

$500,000 to $20,000,000_
6 to 24 months plus extensions
10% - 12% USA
LTV up to 75%
Non Recourse available
Office and Industrial Properties, Multifamily Developments, Single Family, Developments, Condominium Conversions, Rental Properties, Hotels, Retail Locations, Ranches

Bridge - FL, TX, NC & PA

1 - 4 Years
Rate: 8% +
Origination Fee: 1 - 2%
LTV: Up to 70%
FL, TX, NC and PA.

Bridge - Northeast Most commercial property types – No construction financing.
Bridge / Gap financing $1 Million+ / 9% +/-
Bridge and FNMA

$2mm- $8mm max.
Rent roll and 1 full year P&L to start.
All 50 states
Direct FHA lender

Bridge and Private Lender

5.75% conventional - 10% to 12% bridge
Amortization 25 years typical
LTV 75%Lender closing Fee 1 to 4 points including processing charge
3 - 15 years

Religious Building, Farm, Hotel, Industrial Building/Warehouse, Mixed Use, Multifamily, Office, Retail, Special Purpose.

Bridge Financing Stabilized Hard Money loans, properties must cash flow. $2 Million to $25 Million loan sizes, charges 1-3 points and 10-14%
Bridge Lender

12 - 24 mo
Apartment bridge loans - will consider retail, hospitality
NO Office / NO Land
$1 - $7mil
Typically 2 weeks to close - 10 - 15 business days possible

Bridge Lender
Origination 2.00%-2.50%
LTV Up to 60%,
2-3 weeks close,
$2MM-$10MM - No prepayment or minimum interest
6 - 36 months
No construction, land or residential loans

Bridge Lender
Cash-flowing properties:
Multifamily, office, warehouse / industrial, hospitality, senior housing
USA all states
Typical close 3-4 weeks from signed term sheet.

Bridge Lender
Construction - Debt - some mezzanine
NO EQUITY, Note Purchases, Owner Occupied
$1M - $15M
2-4 points, 10-12%, 24month
2 weeks close typical

Bridge Lender
Construction - Debt - some mezzanine
NO EQUITY, Note Purchases, Owner Occupied
$1M - $15M
2-4 points, 10-12%, 24month
2 weeks close typical
Bridge Lender

Rehab, Renovation and Bridge Loans
Mobile Home Parks, Office, Medical Office Buildings, Multifamily, Retail, Assisted Living, Hospitality - NO RESIDENTIAL
All states
Investor ONLY, no OO
$250,000 - $25MM
20, 25, 30 yr amortization
Bridge Lender (Non-Recourse)
Bridge/Mezz on cash flowing assets
Multi-Family, Office, Retail, Industrial/Warehouse, Hospitality
Up to 85% LTC/LTV
Acquisition of Notes, REO’s and distressed assets
Will also lend on note purchases as well as distressed
$3M to $30M
3 years max on bridge and up to 5 years on Mezzanine going co-terminus with the 1st
DIP Financing - Repositioning/Value add plays,construction completions.
No Land and No ground up construction

Bridge Lender / Mini-Perms
$1M Max. $10M - more on a case by case basis
Rates Fluctuating
LTV to 70%
Flex Buildings, Industrial Building/Warehouse, Multifamily, Office, Retail, Self Storage, Student Housing
Will consider larger loans on a case-by-case basis.
36 - 60 month term
Non-recourse loans on a case-by-case basis.

Bridge Loans
$2mm to $50mm
12% and 2 Points
LTV up to 80% (more in special situations)
Up to 24 Months

Bridge Money

Short Term Debt
Multifamily, Office and Retail
NO Land, Development, Residential
All 50 states
Owner-Occupied or Investor
Interest Only

Bridge Money Bridge financing – USA from $750k
Bridge Money
10- 11%
Commercial Multi Family

Bridge, Mezz, Preferred Equity
Bridge/Mezz/Preferred Equity
All property types - most are multifamily acquisition,rehab,repositioning
30-45 days.

Bridge/Gap financing

Owner Occupied, SBA & USDA (some investor under USDA allowed)
General Purpose, Multi-use
*Exclusions: C-stores and gas stations
Owner Occupied, Investor allowable under USDA
NO Multi-Family
$150k - $5mm
Amortization: 10 years business acquisition, 25-30 years for real estate
No calls or balloons, 3 year prepay penalty of 5/3/1
Notes: FIXED RATES ON REAL ESTATE, No SBA fees currently

Bridge/private money

$3mm - $25mm / $7-$10 million preferred
construction, mezzanine and equity as well as first mortgage
75% LTV but can go up to 85% LTV for the right situation
Non-recourse on case by case basis

Church & Non-Profit Lender Specializes in Christian Schools. Also interested in other projects like charter schools, yeshivas and secular private schools but deals must be solid with good cash flow and/or pre-enrollment. Very aggressive on the Christian School deals.
Church Lender

Church Lending - Property Types: Churches, Christian schools & daycares, Pastor homes owned by church, church-owned land

States currently lend in: All 50 states

Owner-Occupied or Investor: Owner-Occupied
Loan Amounts – Min to Max: Min $25,000 – no max; loans over $1 Million may require lender participation

Amortization: Up to 25 years - Rates: 4.95 to 7.45

Notes: Loan to Revenue: 3X - Max/LTV: 70% churches, 80% homes,50% land Minimum DSCR: 1:1
Seller seconds subject to loan committee approval
Some loans may be subject to lender participation.

Church lender
$750K +

Church Lender

Church Financing
Property Types: Church Real Estate
States currently lend in: All
Loan Amounts – Min to Max: $750,000 - $25MM - Amortization: 25 Year Fully Amortized
Only does financing / refinancing of churches

Church Lender

Only churches
States currently lend in: All
Loan Amounts – Min $750k

CMBS Lender

Floating and permanent rates available on CMBS: $5MM+
5/7/10 year term - 20/25/30 yr amort - Up to 75% LTV | 1.30xDSCR minimum
Rates in the 5% range
Retail, office, multifamily, industrial hotel, self-storage
$25MM + - 3-5 year term -Interest only if 65% LTV or lower - Up to 70% LTV
Rates in the 3-4% range - 0.5 - 1% origination fee - Non-recourse
Retail, office, multifamily and industrial. No hospitality.

CMBS Lender $1mil - $5mil - Fannie mae for multifamily owner-occupied properties. Will consider other commercial property types as well. Possible non-recourse.
Commercial Farms Only Nationwide Commercial Farms ONLY - No residential
Conduit Lender

Prefer $5 million and up
Office, Industrial, Retail Multi Family
Will consider larger cash flowing deals like top MSA hospitality

Conduit Lender Solid lender that will go down to $2 Million and look at more boutique properties and trickier deals.
Conduit Lender

B piece buyer
Office, Industrial, Retail & Multi Family but will consider stabilized hotels,etc.

Construction lender

$7mm - $35mm hospitality construction
36 month - 2 extensions of 12 months each available
8% +/-
Up to 75% LTC on strong
Will consider other assets

Construction Lender

To $2mm
Up to 85% Loan to cost at low LTV

Conventional NJ Lending in NJ - Multifamily & Commercial Properties Loans up to $10mil
Conventional NC & SC VERY STRONG conventional lender
O/O preferably; Relationship banking; Palm Beach County; any size up to $10mil. Churches, homeowners & condo association
1.25 DSR FICO 620
1% FEE negotiable to .5

Conventional Northeast US Churches, HOA and Condo associations
Lending in the major metropolitan centers of: CA, WA, OR, NY, NJ, DC market (Northern VA, DC, MD), MA (Boston), CO (Denver), MN (Minneapolis/St Paul), IL (Chicago).

Min Loan amount for Apartments is $500K or above, Commercial, $1 MM or above.

Rates vary for property type, LTV, property quality and loan amount.

Underwriting is done in Socal or Nocal for west coast based loans, Chicago for central loans and NY for east coast loans.

Apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, mobile park, mixed use.
Must be cash flowing.
30 Year Amortization
Term - 1st 5, 7, 10 yr fixed - $250K - $3M
Can do 'story' laons.
Negotiated lending program for loans that might be a higher bank quality or for other reasons do not fall into the core lending program.


Loan Amounts of $750,000 - $3,000,000 (up to $5mm in certain markets)
Stabilized multifamily properties of 90%+ occupancy for 90 days at minimum
Capped fees of $7,500 (includes all lender costs)
All in rates are below 6%

Conventional - Arizona Residential investment only
Conventional - CA, MO, FL, IL, TX

Minimum loan amount is $2million. LTV: 75%.
Must provide 3 years CPA prepared financial statements plus.
Rates are fixed and amortized over 5 years with a 5 year call.
Rates reset during the term.
Prepayment penalty.
Up to 1.5% loan fee plus all vendor costs.
Missouri, California, Florida, Illinois, and Texas.

Conventional - DC & CVA Maryland market, DC and northern VA up to Fredericksburg
Conventional - East & Midwest

Manufacturing & Professionals
Property Types: Owner Occupied Commercial RE
Exclusions: Must be at least 50% Owner Occupied
North Carolina, South Carolina
Loan Amounts – Min to Max: $250m to $10mm - Amortization: 20-25years

Conventional - FL Will do Commercial deals locally that make sense.
Conventional - FL Aggressive Credit Union in Florida
Conventional - FL & NY

Strong Florida Bank that does FL and the NY Metro area only.
$5 Million-$100 Million
No residential construction -just commercial.
Great rates, can do 7 year fixed.
Will consider special use properties like Marinas

Conventional - GA Conventional Commercial
Conventional - IL Illinois Bank that is very strong and aggressive and can do conventional loans
Conventional - NC Strong bank very aggressive
Conventional - NC Fort Bragg, NC area
Conventional - Northeast Extremely competitive and lend in NY, NJ and CT.
Conventional - TX Strong Texas Bank that will consider conventional loans as well as construction and land. Texas only.
Conventional - West Coast No restaurant, no car washes, no hotel/motel. Owner Occupied Preferred - $500K min Up to $35M 1.25 Over $1 M 3-4.25 25 AM due in 10 yrs., 5 yr. - 4.75 Multi & MHP - 30 yr am. 30 yr due---- under $1M add 25 bps - 75% LTV Max -
Conventional - *Hedge Fund Legitimate Hedge Fund with direct Wall Street partnerships, access to a Billion dollar energy fund, etc. Worth trying any of your projects above $10 Million. They have stated that construction is available on the strongest of strong developers but very few deals qualify-the main reason, the big boys can gobble up cash flowing deals at a discount, why take the construction risk? However, large strong projects, especially large cash flowing deals should be run by these guys. Quick answers and they look forward to working with us.....
Conventional / SBA 504 / Story Lending Considered (based on mitgating factors)

Loan Amounts: $500,000 - $7mm
Multifamily residential, mixed-use, commercial, light industrial, retail, office or owner-user property.

Populations of 100k minimum.
Amortization/Term: Hybrid 5 and 7 year fixed rate loans - amortization up to 30 years.

Conventional & Bridge $1-10 Million investor deals, pricing a little higher but have more flexibility then a conduit deal. Also have a bridge program from $2-10 Million.
Conventional & Portfolio

Min. $1mm to Max $5M
Preferred DSC: 1.15 - Preferred LTV: 75%
Types of Financing: First Mortgage
NOTES: Small balance portfolio lending

Have the ability to provide competitive financing & also has the flexibility to consider loan requests that are challenging and difficult to place.

No minimum credit score
Can consider loan request from borrowers with a past bankruptcy or foreclosure.
Does not charge any points or application fees.

Conventional & SBA

Owner Occupied, SBA & USDA (some investor under USDA allowed)
Property Types: General Purpose, Multi-use
*Exclusions: C-stores and gas stations

Owner Occupied, Investor allowable under USDA
NO Multi-Family
Loan Amounts $150k - $5mm
Amortization: 10 years business acquisition / 25-30 years for real estate
No calls or balloons, 3 year prepay penalty of 5/3/1


Conventional & SBA-Southeast

SBA 504
LTV must be satisfied on the basis of the owner-occupied commercial real estate. | Conventional: LTV must be satisfied on the basis of the commercial real estate, but can also include cross collateralization of other unencumbered CRE.

GA, parts of AL, TN and SC.

Currently lending on office and medical buildings, industrial and warehouse facilities, retail centers, commercial condos, assisted living facilities, flagged hotels, self-storage and multi-family.

Will fix rates up to 10 years with up to 30 years amortizations. No pre-pay penalty.

Convernitional loans at 65% LTV for Owner Occupied AND Investor and SBA 504 to 90%LTV
In-house lending solution.
Close quickly, and are very aggressive in underwriting.
Conventional or 504
Cooperative Aptmts. Cooperative Apartment Buildings - 5 or 7 year fixed, 65% LTV - focuses on high net worth private clients and business financing
Cost Segregation
A leading provider of engineering based cost segregation studies.

Cost segregation is an IRS approved and guided tax strategy that can save commercial property owners hundreds of thousands of dollars thru the reclassification of certain assets from 39 yr useful life to 5 yr useful life, allowing for accelerated depreciation on those assets, thereby reducing tax liability significantly.

This value add service can be an income stream to the net branches who are working with property owners and other professionals in the commercial industry.

There are no processing, underwriting, credit or title issues with our studies.

Virtually every commercial property qualifies for this tax benefit. We offer a No Cost analysis outlining the benefits for the owners. Cost segregation can be a great door opener to enhance your value and networking efforts in the commercial arena.
Credit Union Investor deals $1 million to$10 million but can go higher Very solid credit union, great for strong balance sheet investors buying properties in other states.
Credit Union

Deals that make sense
Property Types: Commercial
*Exclusions: Restaurants; gas stations; MHP’s; land
All 50 States
Owner-Occupied or Investor but will underwrite based upon market rent & market vacancy
$1M - $8M
Amortization: 25 - 30
No Prepayment Penalty

Credit Union - MI CRE Michigan
Equipment Purchases/Franchise Financing Non-SBA
$500 documentation fee, 1 point at closing, 2 payments
(whatever the monthly payments will be) up front @ time of closing

Buyer must have 30% equity down and this can be credit from seller
One week turn around on credit approval.

Finances a wide spectrum of projects for new and existing franchisees including refinancing, unit acquisitions, remodels, and new unit builds.

Up to $1mm above that they use warehouse lines which require additional signatures which = more underwriting.

Up to 100% advance
Can do leases or loans

Typical structure - line of credit that rolls into a term loan of 2-7 years
Min 700 credit - 1.25- 1.4 dscr
7-12% rates - max 50% depreciation factor
Main factors: Income, credit, time in biz
Hair Salons, Restaurants make up 80% of their biz – no gyms at the moment
Will go down to 30k but expensive at that level
To begin just supply for a short paragraph of the opportunity.
They don’t want real estate at all.

Equipment Purchases/Franchise Financing Non-SBA Will do equipment purchases. Will do financing for franchise expansion-will finance all equipment and buildout of the leased space but no working capital. Good conventional source.

*True equity lender - $5mil & up*
They don’t want real estate at all.

Equity/mezz/bridge - Southeast Deal Size-$1 Million-$15 Million. Bridge lender in the SE only. Will do Equity and Mezzanine as well and CAN DO CONSTRUCTION
Fannie Mae Multi-family

Multifamily / Apartment loans - Fannie Mae
Good for Bridge Loan for Apartments - $1Mil and above

This is a small balance multifamily product that goes down to $750,000. 
Rates - within 20 to 30 bps of the Fannie 3Max Express program.

Fannie, Freddie, FHA*

Both Fannie & Freddie prefer Class A & B apartments. Class C is typically hard to do through them.

80% LTV & 1.25x DSCR.

More stringent on their underwriting as they will analyze the property’s trailing 3, 6 & 12 income streams for any trending.

Fannie is more receptive to cashing out Borrowers while Freddie prefers lower leverage (75% LTV).

FNMA allows for conduit type pricing and the ability to put a 2nd and 3rd mortgage on with the same Lender not touching the first. The 2nd and 3rd is a type of refi where the borrower can money out for rehab and upgrades to the property.

Loan amounts: 3M+, but Fannie will do lower.

The process is more involved so Lender’s usually set a cutoff for an efficient use of resources.

All the strong large loan amounts for traditional property types

Generally the best priced direct lender in the country, will do all types of loans that are strong and make sense.

Most of their loans are non-recourse.

Will also do construction loans above $40mil., but not below.



Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

Mainly lend on large farm, ranch, and recreational land purchases.

50 acre minimum with a $250,000 loan base.

Will do refinance with cash out if repayment and LTV's are solid.

Typical LTV 70% to 75% that is reached either by down payment or very often with other collateral.

Parameters vary.

Growth Capital $50,000-$3,000,000 growth capital for businesses-great SBA alternative for expansion capital
Growth Capital STATED unsecured loan from $25,000-$150,000 and a Full doc UNSECURED LINE OF CREDIT PRODUCT up rto $100,000 for small business growth
Hard Money
Lending in GA only
Hard money and bridge loans
Rates from 13%
$250K-$20 Million
Up to 65% LTV
Residential rehabs in GA using after repair values

Hard Money

$100,000 to $1.2MM (maybe $1.5MM)
First mortgages
Standing commercial properties
No land, no development, no new construction, maybe a minor rehab
No up-front fees
Terms sheets with 48 hours (sometimes six hours)
10.9% to 13.9% (12.9% is the most common)
2.5 to 3 points
30 years amortized - 15 yr term - 3 - 5 year call - Never called a performing loan
No prepayment penalty
LTV: 50% to 58% on refinances | 60% to 70% on purchases
Credit: 700+ credit score typically

Hard Money

Portfolio loans
$500K to $3mm
12% points 2-6 closing points + broker
Newer gas stations - key is exit strategy and cash flow
No land or ground up construction
As is value not future improved
Can cross collateralize if improved land
Residential: CA, AZ, NV, OR, UT, CO, AK, HW - 70%
Any loan amount, usually $50k

Hard money

Notes, Acquisition
No pre-pay, no exit fee
Closing 2-4 weeks
2-3 points
11% -13%
Due diligence fee: 0.5% - 1.0% (no less than 5K)
Interested in 75% leverage income producing / Bridge

Hard Money

Solid and fast hard $ lender.
$1 Million to $25 Million
15% and 5 points + broker-no negotiation

Hard Money

No Environmental
Mobile home parks, RV parks, specialty and main line
$25M max
LTV usually 60%
FICO is unimportant but exit strategy and value is.
This is a fund they portfolio themselves.
Residential: western US only
FC bailout and all HM
Max 65% LTV
Some rehab if 80% completion - no loan limit.

No acquisition and development, land, renovation,

Hard Money

Commercial Hard Money Lender.
Will do land loans 2M+
Mezzanine, Bridge Financing,
International Loans 5M+ (Canada and Mexico)
10M+ (S. America, + others if the deal is right)
A&D (acquisition & development) loans
$2mm+ up to 80%
Rates start at 12%
Even has Alt. Collateral loans
Worth running your Hard Money Development, Construction and Land loans by.
CHARGES 8PTS ON ALL Loans + broker fee

Hard Money $10 Million and Up hard money lender-stabilized properties ONLY. 14% rate.Good for large cash flowing hard money deals.
Hard Money East coast Hard money most asset types
Hard Money - Colorado

Funds first mortgage secured loans on improved commercial real estate and residential investment properties of 5 units or more.
$200,000 up to $2,000,000 - LTV: 60% Maximum - 6 months to 2 years

Property Locations: Denver Metro Area and Colorado ski resorts
Considers loans on metro area platted/zoned/entitled land with infrastructure at max 40% LTV on a case by case basis.

Most lending is done in Colorado and neighboring states.    
Also metro Texas (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin). 
Prefers multi family outside Colorado but any type of income property may qualify.

Hard Money / Mezzanine / Bridge / International

Commercial real estate bridge lending.
First Mortgage Position
1 - 2 years
Purchases both performing and non performing loans in a first mortgage position
Financing third parties purchasing both performing and non-performing loans in first mortgage position.
$2,000,000 - $100,000,000
No land or
Income producing properties and will do construction deals)
All 50 states / Rates 8 - 13% / 1 - 3 points.

Hard/Bridge Money

$2mm - 30mm
Nationwide and Canada
Most asset classes including Limited service Flagged Hotels & Broken Condos
Debt only lender
Appraisals not needed - they underwrite value in house
Will finish up construction on existing projects
Terms: 12 - 24 months
Fees 2-3% + broker
9-13% rates- 55-65% LTV
Typical 3rd party fee 10-15k due with execution of LOI
Nothing with Chattel, No carwashes, Churches, Golf Courses, Casinos

(Non-Owner Occupied)

2 years management experience required
Underwriting based on cashflow of individual property (not global cashflow)
Min. FICO 620
75% LTV (If property has been leased for min. of 90 days) /Otherwise, 65% max LTV
Par Pricing Available**
Reserve Requirement: 6 months PITI*** for each property financed.

**An interest rate used as the reference point for which a mortgage lender will neither pay a rebate (yield spread premium or negative points) or require discount points for a mortgage. ... Par rates are also used in the valuation of mortgage servicing rights (MSR).

***Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance (PITI)

IRA Lender

Only real source for non-recourse lending based on your IRA.
They can not roll the IRA over

Note: (We have other lenders who do that but they will loan out on the property you are buying through your IRA at 50-70% LTV on a non-recourse loan.)

No min or max
The size of the IRA will determine the amount of the loan combined with the loan size.

Land / Development

$1mm - $50mm
All property types considered;
Multifamily, office, industrial, retail, hotel, and land.
1 to 3 years w/extension options
Interest rates: From 7%
Up to 75% LTV
Fees: From 2%
ForAcquisition, restructuring, discounted payoffs, purchase of notes, improvements and development.

Large Balance Bridge Lender
$20mm -$200mm.
Land and construction-60-80% LTV.
Large loans only but very strong with lots of cash.

Large Balance Business loans

$1mm+ - prefer $3mm+.
NO Construction or medical.
No start ups -expansion type loans only

Large Balance Mezzanine,bridge,equity

Mezzanine & Equity up to 90% even on construction loans (need min 10% equity from sponsor). First mortgage debt to 75%.
Office, retail, industrial, multi family

Large bank doing Conduit type loans

$1mm -10mm
Maine to Key West, FL
Up to 70% and selectively to 75%
Income producing - Class B Multifamily, Mobile Home Parks, Some office Some Retail and only the strongest Hotels
DSCR 1.25 min.
Recourse required
Can close under 30 days - competitive rates and fees.
Clean deals preferred

Large Bank Financing Financing larger transactions - $10mm+ & - 70%LTV
Large Coventional (Life Competitor)

$5mm -$30mm
65% LTV but will go NON-RECOURSE
Stabilized income properties only - office/retail/industrial/professional
Fixed terms are aggressive at 5,7, and 10 year fixed.
Pricing tied to swaps and typically in the 4's at this time

Large Life Lender

$10mm + for STRONG clients and loan scenarios
Great pricing and flexible but only high quality transactions - no bridge loans
No large residential developer deals, etc.
Portfolio loans
Prefer Office, industrial, multi Family, Retail,self storage and mobile home parks
30 year fixed
$10mm - $200 Million+

Life Company
Supporting Non-Profit entity
For Cities & Counties, economic development
Housing loans, community facility loans, job creation and retention type projects in underserved markets recapitalize through the loan purchase. 

SBA 7(a) loan program for job creation & retention in underserved urban markets and rural markets where borrowers choices or lender options may be limited.

Real Estate, FF&E and LT Working capital with a cap of $3mm.

Life Company Life Company low interest loans – cash flowing properties in top MSAs for strong clients
Life Company
Apartments, multi-tenant office, grocery anchored retail in top MSAs

Foreign nationals considered.

Life company/conduit

$3mm+ investor loans nationwide.
FNMA and FHA construction loans in addition to most CRE
Cash flowing property types even special purpose, NNN, etc.
WILL charge 1/2 to 1 point on loans

Life Insurance Company
Industrial /warehouse, multifamily, office, retail, self storage, senior housing, student housing.
Acquisition, ARM, bridge loan, construction loan
Fixed rate mortgage, mini-perms, refinance.
Nationwide-MAJOR MSAs
Max Loan: $25M - floating rate based on LIBOR
Preferred LTV: 75% - 25 years amortization / 5-10 Years.

Medical - RI & MA
Commercial Line of Credit doctors
to $5MM


Up to 100% financing for business only acquisitions
Medical practices, refinances for medical practices,etc.
Up to 10 years

Merchant Funding Unsecured merchant funding with no income, no asset, and no credit score requirements.  Funded through the purchase of future credit card sales.  Loan amounts $10K to over $1mil.  Purchase or Cash-Out, with or without real estate.  Great alternative to traditional credit lines and SBA loans.  Can easily combo with other loan programs.  Quick closing with funds in 7-10 days. 
MHP Lender Mobile Home Parks funding
Multi Family

Small balance commercial lending $250k - $1MM
LTV up to 75% Top 200 MSAs Nationwide
5,7 and 10 year Terms with 25 yr Amortizations
Multi Family Streamline Program
Unlimited Cash Out up to Max LTV with No Seasoning requirements
No Lender Points

Multi Family Aptmt Complexes/Construction, etc - FL

Purchase or Refinance
Multifamily Apartment Complexes: - LTV Up to 80%
30 Year Amortization
Retail Centers: LTV Up to 75% -25 Year Amortization
Multi-tenant Warehouse/Flex Space, Other Industrial Properties.
Office Building.
No Prepays, Most CRE property types

Construction Loans: up to 80% LTC
Permanent loans for construction takeout
Competitive low interest rates
To $4MM - syndication for higher amounts


Loan amounts as low as $250K for apartments - debt/equity apartment loans to above $100mm
Max 80% LTV on Apartments through FNMA and higher on FHA.

DEBT/EQUITY transactions on multi-family, mixed-use, retail, office, light industrial, hospitality (off-shore only), distribution, storage, and industrial

This is a source for those larger deals!


$750k to $5mm Nationwide
1.20 - 1.25x Debt Coverage to 1.25 - 1.35x Debt Coverage market dependent
Low LTV: Subtract 15bps under 50% LTV
Interest-only available on 3-year, 5-year hybrids. Hybrids roll to 6-month LIBOR +3.15%

Nationwide Portfolio Lending: $500,000 to $10,000,000 to $500,000 to $10,000,000 at par

$100,000 to $500,000 at higher rates and fees.
Population requirements of 100,000+ in 10 miles radius
Non-FNMA lender = faster closes, quicker decisions - competitive rates with Par & Rebate Pricing
45 day close w step-down prepays
3, 5, 7 & 10-year fixed - w/30-year amortization

Mixed use, mobile home parks, student housing, SRO ,unbroken condos
DPO transactions
Cross collateralization


$1mm -10mm
Stabilized investment properties
MSAs as small as 20K population.
Retail, office, multi-family, light industrial ONLY.

Multi-family Variable rates, terms, MSAs
Apartments down to $250K
Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Denver, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Louisville.

Multi-Family - Mezz & Referred Equity

Mezzanine and Preferred Equity direct balance sheet lender
Flagged Hotels and Typical Asset Classes up to 85% selectively

Multi-family, Mixed-Use Bldgs, Rental/Office Bldgs

No Minimum Credit Score
$100K - $5mm
Foreign nationals and non-resident aliens OK

15 yr. fixed rate product $100K - $1mm - LTVs up to 65% - 70%
All cash-out allowed on free & clear properties, emphasis on debt service ration not applicants' DTI or personal income

NO global debt ratio required
30 yr. amortization, no application fee

Multi, Retail, MHP, Self-Storage

No restaurant, no car washes, no hotel/motel.
Owner Occupied Preferred
$500K - $35mm DSCR1.25

Over $1 M 3-4.25 25 year amortization due in 10 yrs., 5 yr. - 4.75
Multi & Mobile Home Park 30 yr am. 30 yr
Under $1M add 25 bps -
75% LTV Max


FNMA, Freddie, FHA.
$5mm+ -apartment lending ONLY.
May consider lower loan amounts on case by case basis.


Multifamily (apartments) exclusively
Owner-Occupied or Investor five units or more 
$250,000 - $10mm+.
30 years due in 30

Multifamily properties of 5 or more units, and mobile home communities of 50 or more units Competitive Fixed Rate financing - terms from 5 to 15 years
Top MSAs in 10 Western states
$750,000 to $5,000,000
$5,000,000 and up for Multifamily (Stabilized, construction and rehabilitation),Student housing,Senior housing: Independent living / Assisted Living / Skilled nursing facilities

Multifamily - (Acq or Refi)

Direct Lender for 504 program nationwide
Highly competitive rate w/max proceeds
Up to 80% LTV
Flexile prepayment option - Non-recourse
Streamlined process and underwriting

Multifamily - CA, MA & FL

Multi-family properties
California, Massachusetts and Florida
Strong Community Reinvestment Act lenders

Multifamily - Northeast

100% Portfolio Lender
25 year term/25 year amortization (no balloon)
Up to 75% LTV max - 1.25 DSC min
Fixed rate reset every 5 years
$3mm - $10mm No minimum
Non-recourse for Multi Family Only
Full recourse: Investor & Owner occupied mixed use, office, retail, industrial
No Construction, nor hotels, gas stations.
Northeast including NY / NJ

Multifamily & Healthcare

Skilled nursing, assisted living and hospitals
HUD-insured multifamily loans nationwide.
Bridge to HUD for multifamily and healthcare

Multifamily-Mixed Use Properties (Stabilized)

$1,000,000 to $5,000,000 Non-recourse
5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 30-year fixed rate terms
Hybrid ARM options
Up to 80% LTV
Step down and yield maintenance prepayment options
Partial and full-term interest only options
Low closing costs

Nationwide - Credit Tenants

$1mm - $10mm
6-8 % Non-recourse
LTV up to 75%
dscr 1.2
Income producing
Apartments, Assisted living centers, Nursing homes, Light Industrial, Credit tenants
Terms up to 3-5 years past the lease term
Fast close 30-45 days

Nationwide Small Bridge Lender

Small private money lender
$100,000 up to $4mm
Also bridge money
Fix and flip residential loans ok

NNN credit tenant lending only

Special use NNN leasing
Gas stations,hotel/motel, MHP's, self storage
To 65% LTV - 1.3 DCR
Interest only / Non-recourse if really strong

NNN credit tenant lending only
Restaurant sector
Will invest in mid to larger size operators (5 units or more)
Acquisition and refi
Limited service hospitality sector - Marriott, Hilton and Holiday Inn Express
Seasoned properties in operation for 24 months +
Provides term financing to existing bridge loans

NNN credit tenant lending only

$2mm - $50mm
Conventional - Bridge financing
Office, Industrial, Retail, Medical office, Warehouse, distribution
Stabilized class A&B
Recourse and non-recourse
Interest only - 12 month forward commitment
Rate lock available
Up to 75% LTV for conventional loans | Up to 90% LTV for 504 loans
20/20 fixed to 30 years amortization - fixed and floating
Pre-pay flexibility - No reserves or escrow

Non-owner Occupied Residentail / Bridge Loans / RE backed LoC / New Construction

Direct private lender
$50k to $2.5mm+
Acquisition, bridge
non-owner occupied residential investment and commercial, new construction
Real estate-backed lines of credit
Fix and Flip / 80% of purchase price
Not FICO oriented

Owner Occupied - CA

Los Angeles County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County and Orange County
Will consider other parts of CA / states

Owner Occupied large

50-60% LTV
1.20 - 1.30 DSCR
A/B-class real estate,MSA and borrower


$500K or less
13-14%, 4 points


$1mm - $10mm
Can close in 2 weeks or less
Can close without appraisal
Low Due Diligence fees

Private To $3,000,000
LTV to 65%, 70% available
9.99% - 11.99% No Prepay penalty
Min FICO 625
Up to 60 months
3-5 Points at close

CONSTRUCTION to $2mm LTC to 80% LTV 60% - 65%
10.99% - 11.99% No prepay penalty
Min FICO 650
9 - 15 months
4 - 5 points at close

$1mm - $10mm+
LTV 70-75%
LTC varies but high
New cash in on DPO's
2-4 points at close

Private - SoCal Hard Money at soft money rates  
Private - West Coast

$1mm - $5mm
Office, retail, industrial
24 – 36 months
Max 50% LTV
4.25% fee
Interest reserves for term of loan if not an income-producing asset

Land OK at steep discount
Income-producing property preferred
No existing SFR’s

Private - West Coast

$500k - $25mm ($1mm minimum outside CA)
Land acquisition to 40% LTV
Office, industrial, retail, apartments, MHP, R&D, mini-storage, condo conversion
Land, entertainment complexes, hotels / motels,other special use on case by case basis

Prefer entrepreneurial, hands-on leasing and management, proven experience, local market presence, credit-worthiness

Leverage/Equity Loans to 75% LTV
Higher LTV considered on purchase transactions and special circumstances
LTC to 75%
9% - 12%
Fees 2 to 5 points
Short term fixed or adjustable 1 - 10 years
Construction 12 - 24 mo
Interest only, Recourse / Non-recourse available

Private (US & Canada)

Short term bridge
$1mm - $5mm
65% LTV or less
No ground up - Rehab OK
USA and Canada

Private & Equity

Alternative to Equity
Land investments interest rates 18- 24 % 
10 - 20 % ownership
12 mo
30% LTV on land- To 50% on incoming producing property

Private Lender

$5mm - $50mm
Fixed rates
5 and 10 year terms
LTV up to 75%
As low as 4.50% on 5 yr loan - high quality assets /10Yr: as low as 4.75%
Origination Fee: Par
Cash flowing hotel, single tenant, grocery stores with good cash flow
Bridge loans for right scenario

Private money

Up to $1mm
CRE collateral w exit required
65% LTV Max
FAST close

Private money

Construction / resort development
Private fund looking for IRR of 20%

Private, Bridge & Construction

Private fund
Bridge financing $1mm -$10mm
For income producing properties
Preference for NNN and can commit 100% construction financing for NNN

Private, Mezz, Pref. & JV Equity

$5mm - 30mm per transaction
1-5 Year terms
Senior debt, B Piece, Mezzanine, Preferred Equity, JV equity
Hospitality, Multifamily/Condo, Retail, Industrial

Reposition, Note Purchase, Restructure, Construction Completion, DIP Financing, Direct Investment, Sale-Leaseback

Residential Development / Alternative Hospitality Construction / Hospitality Construction

$3mm - $50mm
Up to 85% LTC

SBA SBA Nationwide

$500k - $4mm
Hospitality - SBA-USDA / 7a, 504 & conventional
Owner occupied properties
50 states

SBA SBA 50 states

NO Combo Conventional/SBA loans
SBA 7A loans, SBA 504s, and SBA Express
Acquisitions, expansions, start ups, build outs, partner buy outs
No churches, no investments. No Gas Stations at the moment



$50k - $6mm exceptions to $12M
Amortization 30yrs / Fixed 1, 3,and 5
Office Buildings, Strip Centers, Light-Industrial, Auto Body/Auto Repair, Churches:
Based on disposable income and LTV
Single Use, Warehouses - 70% future value Construction usually not over $2mm

Multi Family and Mixed Use, Manufactured Homes, Rehab loans up to 80% off of ARV, so can be 100%

NO GAS Station or Auto repair with lifts or tanks.
Max LTV refi 70% / Purchase 75%

Portfolio loans / Will Cross collateralize
Fees are par or +1
1,995 processing and doc fee
1003, credit report, rent roll, leases, photos and income docs to get LOI if qualified


Owner occupied, investor, and multi-family -
SBA 7A & 504 Conventional Financing
$750K to $5mm for Commercial Real Estate
NO business only
$1mm minimum on apartment loans
NO cash outs unless used to pay off existing business debt


Northern CA only
All SBA loans


Preferred Lender Participation (PLP) Loans
CA, Nevada, Oregon and Washington
Business only transactions on 7A, 504 loans
All property types SBA
Quick closings

SBA - East Coast

Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Machinery & Equipment, Inventory, Business Acquisition, Franchises, Partner Buy-Outs, Refinance, Working Capital
SBA 504 Program - to $5.5 million- 35-40% SBA loan rates,50% Conventional rates
Borrower equity 10-20% , Up to 25 year terms, Fixed and Variable rates

SBA 7(a) Program - to $5.5 million, to 90% LTV, to 25 year terms
Pricing tied to Prime rate - No Balloon

USDA Program to $5 million, to 80% LTV, to 25 year terms, Fixed/Variable rates, No Balloon

Florida only
$100k to $5mm - Amortization 25 years
Franchise and Professionals
Min 51% Owner Occupied
NO Apartments

Owner-Occupied or Investor: Min 51% Owner Occupied
SBA Preferred Lender with 100% financing for Professionals
10% down for other SBA loans
Business Acquisition, Franchise Start up/expansion, Equipment Purchases, Working Capital and Debt Refinance.

SBA 504 available


Special use assets with Real estate - hotels, gas stations
20 states from the Southeast to Texas
Franchise financing (business only) in GA only


SBA loans - GA and NC
Fast underwriting
Very aggressive


SBA and conventional
Missouri, Southern Illinois, Kansas select MSAs

SBA - National

USDA B&I (Business and Industry), SBA 7a, SBA 504 & conventional loans
Construction to permanent
All industry types
All 50 states

SBA - National

USDA B&I loans and SBA 7(a)
$5,000,000 for B&I and $2,000,000 for 7(a)
Construction - smaller ground-up projects (<$2M) for strong projects

Fast turnaround with timely receipt of documentation

SBA - Owner Occupied Only
$250,000 - $5,000,000
Amortization: 25 years

Owner User CRE, Partner Buy Outs, Biz Acquisitions, Equipment
Property Types:
Owner Occupied, Anything but Assisted Living

Lending territory:
Everything but Southeast, Mid-Atlantic Northeast, TX and OK
SBA - SouthEast Mostly Southeast - Will do gas / C-store - NO hotels
SBA - West Coast

Very aggressive SBA 7A loans-business only and CRE based
No special purpose properties under fixed rate 7A program
CAN DO special purpose under traditional variable rate 7A Program

SBA (7A) / Construction / Investment

Commercial loans - Florida, Alabama and Arkansas
SBA 7A and conventional
Commercial Real Estate, investment properties and construction

SBA (Non-Bank Lender) Non Bank SBA Lender - Focusing On Restaurant Franchises.
SBA / RE Purch, Refi, Construction / Biz Aq / Start-Ups

$250k - $5mm - Amortization to 25 years
SBA loans - CRE – purchase, refinance, construction
Business acquisition loans for experienced operator buying business with good DSC

StartUps- MDs, professionals, and national franchises

Owner occupied CRE
NO equipment that rolls, floats or flies, hotels
All 50 states
Owner-Occupied (no investors)
CRE Loans up to 100% appraised value


$500k - $15mm

Terms to 30 years, fixed and adjustable rates, flexible collateral requirements


SoCal only
Commercial loans including gas stations and other difficult property types

SBA & Conv - CA CA local bank for SBA
SBA & Conventional General bank paper type loans, SBA, etc.
SBA & Conventional - CA & West Coast

To $5mm
SBA loans for owner user CRE up to 90% and pay
Decision and issue LOI within 2 business days after receipt of a complete loan app and 3 yrs of business and personal tax returns

Final approval w/n 30 days after receiving signed LOI
Can close hard to do loans even if they are declined by large banks:
Email 3 years of Tax Returns both personal and business
Can be pre-qual same day
CA and nearby states

SBA & Conventional - West Coast

Owner and non-owner occupied CRE, multi-family, small farms
Conventional, SBA for most property types including self-storage

Construction financing, Equipment loans and lines of credit, including commercial equity lines where adequate equity is available in the underlying property

To 75% LTV conventionally and 90% with SBA
Amortizations: Up to 25 years on most property types and 30 years on Multi-Family
Primarily California, and most western and mid-western states west of the Mississippi

DSCR: 1.25:1 - some flexibility on OO CRE, higher on some NOO
25-year fixed on SBA loans, and up to 15 years fixed on conventional


Mixed Use, Professional Office (Attorneys & Accountants), Assisted Living Facilities, Day Care, Wholesalers, Auto Repair, Used Auto Sales, Retail Stores, Light Industrial Building, Liquor Stores, Convenience Stores, Medical Office (Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists, etc), Manufacturing Companies

NO Gas Stations, Hotels, Churches, Apartment Buildings, Construction Loans, Mobile Home Parks, Insurance Companies, Non Profit Organizations, Morally Compromising Businesses

Lending East of The Mississippi River
Owner Occupied - Investment allowed on in USDA B&I areas
SBA 7a: $250,000 – $ 5,000,000
USDA B&I: $500,000 – $5,000,000
Amortization: SBA 7a: 15/20/25 / USDA B&I: 15/20/25/30

The USDA B&I Loan needs to help the borrower create jobs or retain jobs
Eligibility determined by subject collateral location and terms are dependent on the Use of Proceeds

SBA & USDA - East & SE

All industries
Lending territory New York to Louisiana

SBA 7 (A) SBA 7(A) Nationwide and will do 100% for doctors at aggressive rates.
SBA 7(A)

SBA 7A Community Advantage loans

For established small businesses needing funds for expansion, small businesses under 2 years old needing funds for expansion, new startup businesses, veteran-owned businesses, underserved areas.

FL, GA, NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA and NH.

SMAPLE LOAN TERMS: Interest Rates - Prime + 4.25% - rate determined by credit factors, terms may vary, packaging fee, 7-10 year maturity, collateral preferred, Minimum FICO 600, no prepay penalty

SBA 7(A)

Hotels/Motels, Manufacturing Facilities, Self-Storage, Auto Aftermarket - repair, body shop, etc., Day Care, Funeral Homes, Most Owner-User Businesses w w/Real Estate

10% Injection for Most Real Estate Transactions

Up to 100% Loans for Medical Professionals

Only 1 Year of Qualifying DSC - most recent year and interim.

SBA 7A Southeast only SBA 7a
SBA 7A - Franchise Nationwide SBA 7a Franchise
SBA 7A Hotel Financing, etc

$250k to $10mm
Purchases of real estate, equipment and other fixed assets

Loan refinancing to include discounted note payoff and debt restructures

Business Acquisitions and Change of Ownership.
Terms up to 25 years with NO Balloon Low Payments
Owner user ok

Hotel Financing:
Interior & Exterior corridor, Flagged and non flagged Hotels, Motels and Bed & Breakfasts


SBA 7A - Nationwide

Hospitality, gas stations, industrial, professional properties, assisted livings, etc.

SBA 7A for CRE
$1mm - $5mm+
CA, TX, GA, AL, NJ and NY

SBA 7A / 504

Revolving lines of credit, equipment loans, Owner Occupied CRE, investment CRE (industrial, warehouse, retail), multi-unit apt and letters of credit 

SBA 7A / 504
MN, IA, MO, KY, OH, MI, No C, So C, GA, AL and FL - other states / MSAs

SBA 7A / 504

SBA 7a and 504
ME, NH, MA, VT, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD (DC), VA, NC, SC, FL – other states case by case


Conventional and SBA
Conventional to $25 Million
Can structure credit facilities to customers specific needs with rates and terms that focus more on what works for the client verses what fits into a credit model

SBA 7A, 504, USDA Lending

All SBA eligible industries, includes ground up construction, acquisition and refinance

100%+ financing available for medical/professional industries including dental and veterinary - Chiropractors 90% financing

Ground up construction for hospitality.

SBA Loans

$500K to $7mm
SBA 7(a)

Small Motels/Hotels, Gas Stations, Campgrounds, RV Parks, self storage

Will consider all owner occupied and leasehold (franchise) with sufficient collateral

NO Apartment buildings or any passive investment activity - tanning salons, smoothie and ice cream places, golf courses

Owner Occupied\$500K to $7MM by adding up to $2M conventional loan with a $5M 7A loan

Selectively offering conventional bridge to 7A
Up to 25 years Amortization, no balloon


SBA 7a - some 504
Special Use:
Flagged hotels, flagged gas stations, car wash, self-storage, assisted living, etc.

Up to 100% financing depending on the need -Medical, dental, veterinarian, attorneys

Franchise lending: Like to do 2nd and 3rd stores, will consider first store for the right franchise and/or borrower

Most other 7A/USDA and some 504

No short sales
BK needs to be 5+ years back with good reason why

SBA/USDA - East & Southeast
National SBA Preferred Lender (PLP)
$500k - $10mm

SBA 7(a), 504, Conventional CRE Loans

USDA Business & Industry Program (B & I)

Commercial Real Estate Purchases, refinance, leasehold improvements with purchase
Business Expansion, Machinery & Equipment, Hotel, Gas Station, Gas Station C-Store, Restaurant, Dry Cleaner, Daycare,

Professional: Architects, CPA’s, Engineers, Lawyers, Veterinarians

Medical: Chiropractors, Dental Labs, Dentists, Doctors, Optometrists, Imaging Centers

Manufacturing, Car Wash, Lube Center, Franchise with commercial real estate

CONVENTIONAL COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE: Apartments (Multi-family),Assisted Living Care Center, Automotive Repair Shops, Commercial and Industrial, Day Care, Dental Office, Funeral Homes, Hotel/Motel, Light Manufacturing, Medical Office, Office, Office Condo, Office/Warehouse, Restaurants, Retail

Typical terms conventional commercial real estate transactions:
All multi-purpose transactions 60% LTV or less
All special-use transactions at 50% LTV
Refinance, if acquired less than 5 years ago purchase price will be used to determine LTV

Loans of $4Million or less - loans of $2.5 Million or less are preferred
Seasoned multi-tenant investor properties STNL if tenant financials are available

Flagged hotel/motel less than 10 years old with fewer than 100 rooms, Hotel/motel with experienced operators and strong historical cash flow

Adult care facilities with experienced operators


Sub-prime Commercial also

SBA504 / Ground Up Construction

SBA 504 & EB5

Ground up construction including hospitality

Construction program is not a premium based program however the nationwide 504 program is

SBA7 (A) Nationwide
SBA7 (A) $2.5mm - $15mm - 1.35 DSR;
SBA7 (A)

$500k - $5mm
Commercial Owner occupied
Construction loan or a government enhanced SBA / USDA permanent loan

Office buildings, office & medical condos, retail buildings, shopping centers, acquisitions


SBA 7a loans for owner-user real estate acquisition & refinance
$250k - $5mm
Amortization: Up to 25 years

Manufacturing, Office, Industrial, Retail, Special Use (restaurants, hotels, gas stations, B&B’s, daycare, dry cleaner, funeral home & more)

All 48 domestic states

Securities Lending
Under 4%, no pre-payment
Structuredas a line of credit
$100K minimum, no maximum
FAST CLOSE - under 1 week in most cases

Securitites Financiing

Loans against all kinds of securities: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CD’s, CMO’s (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac ONLY)

All states and internationally

$50,000 – no upper limit
Amortization: Varies
Most loans close in 10 - 14 days

Rates as low as 1.5% IO
Virtually No Doc
Term Sheet (quote) within 24 – 48 hours after submission of all required docs

Self-Directed IRAs Self Directed IRAs
Small Balance Agency Receivables-Construction, sub-contractors, energy and, IT
Small Balance Agency

Small balance Agency

FNMA/FHA/FHLMC apartment deals between $1 million and $4 million

Small Multi-Family

$250k - $5mm
Apartment properties w/at least five units.

Investment and owner-occupied income producing properties
Industrial Building / Warehouse, Multifamily, Office, Retail
Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Typical Fee: .5% to 1%

Sub-Prime Business Purpose Commercial Risk-Adjusted Pricing Alternative commercial lending
True NO-INCOME for residential investors
1.25 DSCR required on commercial non-owner user to $2mm
70% LTV under a million / 65% LTV over a million / No Limit on Cash Out

Residential, Multi-family, Mixed Use, Office and Retail
30 year amortized w/fixed interim terms of 3, 5, and 7 w/no balloon and I/O Option
$100K to $2mm
Lending To: Individuals/Corporations/LLC's/LLP's/Family Trust


Hard Money to $5mm
Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, Office and Retail
Also True NO-INCOME Business Purpose loans on O/O Residential

USDA & SBA - East Coast and Southeast
$5mm+ / can quote above $50mm

Up to 80% on MF and 75% LTV on Commercial
Construction on STRONG proposals
Rates Libor + 250 bps and up
1 % fee
Multifamily, Office, Retail, and Industrial

NO Hotels

Will consider Single Tenant
3, 5, 7 yr terms
Non-recourse options for deals in the Northeast
55-60% LTV with a 10 yr Term
NE and east coast and Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas

USDA Lender Nationwide USDA lender-aggressive
Dental, medical, veterinarian, funeral home, insurane agency and phamacy lending Specializes in dental, medical, veterinarian, funeral home, insurane agency and phamacy lending - NATIONWIDE.
Private - FL
$100K - $2mm
50% - 60% LTV
Palm Beach County only

Private - West Coast Hard money loans - western half of the US.  Very fast
Conv. - FL

Very aggressive Florida lender
SUPER LOW RATES - potentially in the 2s
$5mm -$50mm
Focus is on the sponsor more than anything

Conv. - Northeast
$3mm +/-
About 40 mile radius in MA
From Boston and about 25-30 miles north into southern NH and Maine
Rates high 4's, low 5's
25-30 year amortization

SBA - West Coast Direct SBA lender(PLP) that focuses on Utah and surrounding states. The main thing they preach is execution, can close in 30 days! Collateral based SBA lending-CAN DO GROUND UP
Private - West Coast
$400K - $5mm
Appraisals not always required
30 days or less close
10- 13%
fees 4 points
1-5 yr term
LTV65 %
No upfront fees

Funeral Homes, gas stations, Auto dealership, Marinas, Mobile home parks, Parking Garages

Western states

Conv. - N.J.
Minimum Loan Amount - $2mm
Northern and Central NJ 

Conv & Constr - N.J. & FL

Acquisition and development loans
NJ,PA,DE, D.C. and South Florida south of Pt. St. Lucie

Conv & SBA - FL
Aggressive lender in South Florida - will do entire state
SBA 7A and 504

Conv. & SBA - CA

SBA 504 and 7a - will consider 7a loans without real estate collateral, and for startup businesses including non-franchised restaurants if the owner is experienced in the business.

Investor loans ranging from 60% to 65%LTV - up to 70% for very strong transactions/borrowers.

HELOC - Second Deed of Trust product for both residential and commercial properties. 
If they provide the first (up to 70% LTV) they can also look at providing a 2nd up to $500,000 based on the “after” value, up to an 80% LTV. 

There is no borrower cost up to $250,000.  (The borrower will have to open an account with the bank for this product.)

TUnusual niches: lending to Home Owners Associations, and warehouse lines for residential lenders.

CA, UT, AZ, CO & Las Vegas

Const & Multifamily - PA, NJ, DE, OH, MD Multifamily Construction to 75% LTC / can do other construction if already pre-leased Lending area: PA, NJ, DE, OH and MD
Conventional - CA

$500k - $5mm
Mixed use (apartment over retail) only in San Francisco
Cash -out available on all property types
Retail and Industrial properties must be multi-tenant

Rate locks available for 90 days.

Apartments, shopping centers, mobile home parks, industrial parks



Conventional - CA
$100k - $7mm
Portfolio lender for Apartments, Student Housing, Sr Housing, Sober Living Apartments, Mobile Home Parks and Retail, Office & Industrial Properties. 

2 - 4 unit non-owner Apartments for properties that do not fit for FNMA or Freddie programs.

30 year fully amortizing hybrids w/fixed rate options of 3 or 5 years and thereafter converting to a 6 months adjustable tied to 6 month LIBOR through year 30.

Pricing falls into 3 categories, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 - A, B & C quality properties

Program for borrowers w/credit issues such as foreclosures, short sales or BK

Apartments 5+ units, Commercial and 2-4 unit non-owner apartments

Par and Rebate pricing available.

Southern CA ONLY

SBA - Southeast
Professionals: (Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians) – Up to 100% financing for:
Practice start-up, expansion, acquisition, partner buyout.
Can include working capital up to $1.5M in goodwill.

Commercial Real Estate: 90% financing, 25-year term, 51% or more owner occupied, SBA 7A or 504
Can include working capital, equipment, improvements and closing costs.

Refinances: No equity injection required, must save at least 10% on current debt service, up to 25-year term.

Business Acquisition: 80% financing (10% can be seller note on standby), 100% financing on partnership buyout, up to $1.5mm Goodwill

Buyer must have related experience, equity injection can come from HELOC, positive trends, no significant concentrations , can include working capital.

Link: Commercial real estate loan rates, terms, forms download and submission information.

Commercial Real Estate Acquisition and Refinance Loans:
Interest rates start at 3% for qualified buyers. 65% - 80% LTV. Cash out max at 65% -75%.
Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans:
In as little as 3 - 45 days. Interest rates start at 6%.

Hard Money Loans: Commercial real estate hard money from 8%.

Joint Venture Equity Financing:
This program provides equity financing for large-scale development projects that require a joint venture partner.
Large-Scale Debt Financing ($10 million and up):
This traditional debt financing program provides loans for refinancing and acquisition at competitive rates staring at 3%.

Small Balance Financing (less than $10 million): 
This program is also a traditional debt-style funding model providing loans for projects that are less than $10 million in size.

Debt Capital Markets: Raise large amounts of capital and/ or acquire experienced management equity partners. These programs are for experienced developers and investment portfolio mangers only and require substantial up front engagement fees.  This is a referral service.

Mezzanine Programs:
Quick closings are available within 1 to 5 business days with complicated transactions taking longer. Typically, these loans are subordinated to first liens but debt/equity is also available.

Loans For Incoming Producing Commercial Property:
Commercial Real Estate loans for office buildings, multi-family, and industrial properties and most commercial real estate investment properties.  Bridge Loans and Permanent Loans available.

A/R - ABL Business Loans: Accounts receivable and asset based business loans for existing, cash flowing businesses.

Foreign National Loan Programs for Acquisition of USA Commercial Real Estate: We work with attorneys and commercial property insurance specialists who specialize in assisting foreign buyers obtain the necessary documentation to enable the client to get a commercial real estate loan at the best interest rates and realize significant savings.

Commercial Real Estate and Investment Property SFR construction loans.
Commercial real estate loan rates, terms, forms download and submission information.

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We offer access to a variety of permanent and construction financing options to suit most client needs.

We can facilitate commercial real estate bridge loans from $500,000 to $50,000,000 as well as acquisition & refinance loans to $500,000,000.


Acquisition loans for single properties or entire portfolios from $250,000 to  $500,000,000 for U.S.A. commercial real estate. We can facilitate loans for non- U.S.A. residents in most situations.

Refinance loans for obtaining a lower interest rate and / or to leverage equity in your property to get "cash out"  for property improvements or other purposes.

Hard Money

From 9% - Interest Only w/ balloon
Closings as fast as 10 business days

SBA Loans

Business and property acquisition
for qualified borrowers

PIP Loans for Hospitality

Property Improvement Program loans for Flagged and boutique hotels / motels