Rail Car Loans

Rail car loans
Financing for most Railroad equipment

Purchase -  Re-finance - Cash out

Buy and borrow against rail road cars - loans for railroad equipment all types
Fast close - Purchase  - Re Finance  Cash out
American Railcar Industries, Trinity Industries, Vertex, and The Greenbrier Companies as well as

Adrian Car Company
W.C. Allison & Sons
Allegheny Car Company
Altoona Manufacturing Company
Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa)
American Car & Foundry (ACF)
American Car Company
American Railcar Industries, Inc.
Anniston Car
ARI (American Railcar Industries)
Baker, Jackson & Company
Baltimore Car and Foundry
Barney and Smith Car Company
Beaver Falls Car Company
Bellefonte Car Manufacturing Company
Berwick Forge and Fabricating
Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Bettendorf Company
Billmeyer and Small
Blain Brothers Car Works
Bloomsburg Car Manufacturing Company
Bombardier Transportation
Bowers, Dure & Company
Bridgeport Car Works
J. G. Brill Company
Brookville Equipment Corporation
Budd Company
Buffalo Car Manufacturing Company
Butler Manufacturing Corporation
Cambria Steel Company
F.E. Canda & Company
Carlisle Manufacturing Company
Casebolt, Henry & Company
Chattanooga Car & Foundry Company
Chicago Steel Car Company
Chickasaw Ship Building & Car Company
Clark Car Company
Cleveland Bridge & Car Works
W. Clough
Colorado Railcar
Connellsville Machine and Car Company
Conshohocken Car Works
Cummings Car Works
Darby Corporation
Dauphin Car Works
Davenport and Bridges
Davenport, Bridges & Company
Dawson Manufacturing Company
Detroit Car and Manufacturing Company
Detroit Car Works (1872-1879) Adrian
DIFCO (originally Differential Steel Car Co.
William Dyer
East Railcar
Eaton & Gilbert
Ebenezer Railcar, Buffalo, New York
Edwards Rail Car Company
Edwards Rail Car Company
Elliott Car Company
Elmira Car Manufactory
Emmons Rail Car
Empire Car Works
Ensign Manufacturing Company
Enterprise Railway Equipment Company
Erie Car Works
Evans Products
FMC (formerly Farm Machinery Corp.
Franklin Foundry Machine & Car Works
Frederick & Company
FreightCar America
Freight Car Services
Fruehauf Rail Division
Fruit Growers Express
Fulton Car Works/Keck & Hubbard
Fulton Car Works/W.W. Wetherell
Gantt Manufacturing Company
General American Transportation Corp.
General Steel Industries
Georgia Railcar
Georgia Car & Manufacturing Company
Gilbert Car Company
John L. Gill
John L. Gill, Jr.
Golden Tye
James Goold & Company
The Greenbrier Companies
Greenville Steel Car Company
Grice & Long
Grove Works
Gulf Railcar
Gunderson Brothers Engineering
Hannibal Car Works
Harlan & Hollingsworth
Harrisburg Car Manufacturing Company
Harvey Steel Car and Repair Works
Haskell and Barker Car Company
Hazelton Car Works
Hicks Locomotive and Car Works
Huntingdon Car Works
Illinois Car and Manufacturing Company
Illinois Car & Manufacturing Company
Indiana Car Company
Indianapolis Car Company
Indianapolis Car and Foundry
Ingalls Shipbuilding
International Car Company
Richard Imlay
Jackson and Sharp Company
Jackson and Woodin Manufacturing Company
J.J. Finnigan
Jones Car Works
Kansas City Car & Wheel Company
William M. Kasson & Son
H.T. & I.N. Keith
Kimball & Gorton
Kimball Manufacturing Company
Koppel Car Company
Laconia Car Company
LaFayette Car Works
Laporte Car Manufacturing Company
Lebanon Manufacturing Company
Lehigh Valley Car Manufacturing Company
Lenoir Car Company
Liberty Car and Equipment
Lima Car Company
Litchfield Car Manufacturing Company
Locks & Canals
Madison Car Company
Magor Car Corporation
Mansfield Machine Works
Marathon Tank Car
Marshall Car and Foundry Company
Mather Stock Car Company
Maxson Corporation
McGuire, Cummings Manufacturing Company
McKee, Fuller & Company
McNary, Claflin & Company
Memphis Car & Foundry
Merchants Despatch Transportation Company
Michael Lewis Group
Michigan Car Company
Michigan-Peninsular Car Company
Middletown Car Company
Midwest Freight Car
Millenium Rail
Milwaukee Car Manufacturing Company
Minerva Car Works
Minnesota Car Company
Missouri Car and Foundry Company
Morrison International, A.A. Morrison
Mount Vernon Car Manufacturing Company
Mowry Car and Wheel Works
Murray, Dougall and Company
Muskegon Car and Engine Works
National Alabama Corporation (NAC)
National Railway Utilization Company
New Haven Car Company
Newport News Shipbuilding Company
Niagara Car Wheel Company
Nobel Brothers & Company
Norca Machinery
North American Car Corporation
North Carolina Car Company
North-Western Manufacturing Car Company
Norwich Car Company
Ohio Falls Car Manufacturing Company
Ortner Freight Car Company
Osgood Bradley Car Company
Ostermann Manufacturing Company
Oxford Co-operative Car Company
Pacific Car and Foundry (PACCAR)
Paragon Bridge & Steel
Pardee Car and Machine Works
Pardee, Snyder & Company
Patten Car Works
Peninsular Car Company
Pennock Brothers
Pennsylvania Car Company
Perley A. Thomas Car Works
Petersburg Car Company
Pittsburgh Car Works
Pittsburgh & McKeesport Car Company
Portec, Inc.
Portland Company
Pressed Steel Car Company
Pullman Company
Quick Car
Ralston Steel Car Company
Ranlet Car Company
Richmond Tank Car Company
Richmond Car Works
Rohr, Inc.
Russell & Company
Ryan Car Company
St. Charles Car Company
St. Lawrence Shops
St. Louis Car Company
St. Louis Car Works
St. Paul Foundry & Manufacturing
Michael Schall
G.W. Snyder
South Atlantic Car & Manufacturing Company
South Baltimore Car Works
Southeastern Specialties
Southern Car and Foundry
Southern Car and Wagon Manufactory
Southern Car Works
Southern Iron & Equipment
Springfield Car & Engine Company
Standard Steel Car Company
George H. Stem & Company
John Stephenson & Company
Street's Western Stable Car Line
Structural Steel Car Company
Swissvale Car Company
Taunton Car Company
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad
Terre Haute Car and Manufacturing Company
Thrall Car Manufacturing Company
Tiffin Car Works
Timms Car Company
Tracy & Fales/Grove Works
Trenton Locomotive & Machine Manufacturing Company
Tredegar Company
Trinity Industries, TrinityRail
Union Car and Bridge Works
Union Car Works
Union Car Works
Union Car Works
Union Tank Car Company
United American Car
United States Rolling Stock Company
United States Railway Equipment
United Streetcar
US Car and Foundry
US Railcar
Vertex Railcar
Virginia Bridge & Iron Company
Wagner Palace Car Company
Warren Tank Car Company
Charles Wason & Company
Wason Car and Foundry Company
Wason Manufacturing Company
Watsontown Car Company
Wayne Car & Engine Works
Wells and French Company
Uriah Wells
West Pullman Car Works
Western Wheeled Scraper
Western Steel Car and Foundry
Witt, Harbeck & Company
Wharton & Petsch
Whittaker Industries
Whitehead & Kales
Youngstown Car & Manufacturing Company
Youngstown Steel Car Company

We offer access to a variety of permanent and construction financing options to suit most client needs.

We can facilitate commercial real estate bridge loans from $500,000 to $50,000,000 as well as acquisition & refinance loans to $500,000,000.


Acquisition loans for single properties or entire portfolios from $250,000 to  $500,000,000 for U.S.A. commercial real estate. We can facilitate loans for non- U.S.A. residents in most situations.

Refinance loans for obtaining a lower interest rate and / or to leverage equity in your property to get "cash out"  for property improvements or other purposes.

Hard Money

From 9% - Interest Only w/ balloon
Closings as fast as 10 business days

SBA Loans

Business and property acquisition
for qualified borrowers

PIP Loans for Hospitality

Property Improvement Program loans for Flagged and boutique hotels / motels