Equipment Financing

We can arrange financing for qualified buyers for almost anything that doesn't float or fly.

Equipment financing lender partner program for equipment vendors 

Minimum equipment loan $100,000 
Our access to investor funds and private bank lenders gives us the widest possible credit spectrum.
Start-up companies accepted:
0-2 Years’ time in business can qualify for up to $100k.
2 years plus time in business can qualify for up to $200k.
5 years plus time in business can qualify for up to $5MM.
24-hour credit turnaround
Flexible finance options for your client:
Step up/down payments 90 day deferrals Seasonal payments
Pre funding and advanced vendor funding available.

We can facilitate financing for most equipment types including rail and mining equipment.

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Equipment financing

We offer access to a variety of permanent and construction financing options to suit most client needs.

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