Puerto Rico commercial real estate loans 

Puerto Rico commercial real estate loans:
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There are only a handful of banks in Puerto Rico and only a few of those will entertain Puerto Rico commercial real estate loans. The mainstream banks have a loan process that is to say the least challenging and time consuming. However we do work with these banks and have a relationship that can result in a Puerto Rico commercial real estate loan if you have the credit, experience, liquidity, patience and reputation required to pass muster.
As a commonwealth of the USA many programs for owner occupied real estate primary residences are applicable in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico commercial real estate loans are another story altogether and the experience of a commercial developer is essential as well as knowing how to navigate the permitting system.
Our stable of Puerto Rico commercial real estate lenders is comprised of both private and mainstream lenders as well as SEC licensed brokers we work with who can arrange debt, equity and mezzanine financing for large resort & hospitality projects.
We have private lenders who live in Puerto Rico and they are very introspective and knowledgeable about the commercial real estate market on the island.
Private money for Puerto Rico commercial real estate loans ranges in interest rates from 10% and up with terms from 12 to 24 months plus available extensions. Origination points are from 3 to 5 points depending upon many factors including familiarity with the Puerto Rico legal, title, appraisal and other systems.

Purchase, refi cash out, bridge loans Puerto Rico commercial real estate loans with fast closings available if title work is done or current and available, a recent arms length BPO or appraisal is available and all required documents are supplied in a timely manner.
Rebuild damaged Puerto Rico commercial properties with a rehab Puerto Rico commercial real estate loan. Loan amounts as high as $500,000,000USD are available to qualified developers with desirable properties.

LTV's range from 50% to 75%.  Bridge loans as fast as 10 work days.
Puerto Rico Commercial Loan amounts range from $300,000 - $500,000,000.

We only work with lenders who've actually closed commercial real estate loans for us in the past.
We can co-broker with other loan facilitators on an equal 50/50 split.

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Contact: piploans@michaellewisgroup.com  We have lenders on and off island.

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