NYC C-PACE Senior Debt loans 

New York City C-PACE friendly senior debt  loans for all NYC commercial real estate.

We can facilitate both C PACE and C PACE senior debt for ground up development.
Our senior debt lenders work with C PACE in NYC and our NYC C PACE funding partners lend their own money which makes the C PACE funding piece quicker to fund.
Many C PACE senior debt lenders limit or try to lower the C PACE portion of the capital stack. Our C PACE senior debt lenders understand C PACE funding and work to give you the maximum C PACE piece for your projects.
If your project is a municipal project with government incentives or senior debt lenders will work with all of the government incentives, allow C PACE as well as work with and if necessary provide Co GP developers and equity investors as needed in order to get your project completed.
Our minimum loan amount is $3mm for the C PACE piece. Our NYC C PACE senior debt providers can lend up to $1,000,000,000 or more if needed. Our sweet spot in $20mm to $100mm. We can bring in C PACE developers, Co GP , JV or Preferred Equity, EaaS (Energy as a Service) and ground lease advisors at no up front costs.

Hard Money

From 9% - Interest Only w/ balloon
Closings as fast as 10 business days

SBA Loans

Business and property acquisition
for qualified borrowers

PIP Loans for Hospitality

Property Improvement Program loans for Flagged and boutique hotels / motels