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Guidance for our affiliates

Read, learn, save time, make money!
If you can't or won't take the time to read this one page, this opportunity is probably not for you.
Hello valued affiliate.

Welcome to the world of commercial real estate property finance.

The most important things to understand are:

Number One - WE ARE NOT LENDERS. We are referral agents with access to hundreds of real lenders we've worked with since the 80s!
Number Two - Neither we nor our lenders ever charge any up front fees! NO UP FRONT FEES EVER!**
Number Three - We do not issue our engagement agreement unless we have a lender for a given loan scenario!***

Above all - satisfaction, whether it be the client and/or commercial realtor who refers a client. Close the loan at the lowest rate and the client is happy, the realtor is happy and you the referral agent are happy. This is paramount above all other considerations.
The above 3 items set us apart from the spammers, scammers and rip off artists!

We have one of the largest stables of direct lenders in the USA!  Since 1988 we have been adding vetted, certified and verified lenders to our stable. This makes us a virtual one stop shop when it comes to commercial real estate loans. Never, EVER tell a potential client we are direct lenders!

There are many individuals who state they will only deal with the principal lender and won't deal with referral agents or "brokers". What these people don't realize is many of the least expensive, low interest rates cannot be obtained without dealing through referral agents that have direct ties to lenders that have the best rates. They (the client) will end up paying more  for a loan because they aren't knowledgeable as to how certain portfolio managers work: IE- through affiliates ONLY. This is especially true for pension funds, investment banks and other non traditional lenders.

If a potential client states they'll only deal directly with a lender and won't deal with a "loan broker" ( ie: affiliate), just inform them nicely that they'll probably end up getting a rate that's higher than they'd get thru our connections, as it's a fact in 99% of loan scenarios.
Since 1988 we have been assembling tried and true lenders and have every conceivable type of commercial real estate loan for every type of viable scenario whether it be the acquisition of commercial property in Manhattan NYC or Los angeles California to residential investment property purchase, re-fi or bridge loans. We even have credit lines to $100,000,000+ for USA based hard money lenders. Understand? Lenders can borrow money from our connections! It's a good selling point for you - Who would you rather borrow from? The lender who borrows money to lend from our funding entities or us??? Think about it.
For a description of most loan types available thru us see the FORMS page. Read that page and you'll be able to answer most initial questions a potential client might have if you must. You are truly better off in the long run if you simply refer any inquiries directly to us so you don't have to answer any questions and inadvertantly give erroneous information.
**Except normative due diligence or closing fees such as appraisals, etc., which are not paid to us anyway.
***Many brokers or referral agents make a client sign an engagement agreement and they have no lender(s), but shop a loan, wasting valuable time!
When you post an ad in an attempt to solicit potential clients, and a client sends you an email asking about details or asks you to sign an NDA or NCND, simply forward all replies to us!

Do not interact with a client upon receipt of an initial inquiry unless you know 100% about everything we do and everything we have to offer. Unless you've been facilitating commercial real estate loans for at least 5 years, trust us - you do not know enough to sign documents or answer client questions.

In other words we've designed a simple process that's easiest for our affiliates and the clients. Every time you get a reply to a post you've done do NOT answer it. Simply forward that inquiry to us!!! This assures you are credited for the inquiry and are paid if the loan closes, but also assures the client gets the proper information, you don't have to sign silly NDA or NCND's,  your job is made so much easier and you have a greater chance at making money!
Your task is to simply Post, receive inquiries, forward the complete inquiry to us, and we take it from there. It's really that simple.
Q: How do I know what to post?
A: Refer to the FORMS page. It's simple cut and paste.

The left most column is your subject line

The second from left column is your body / ad copy
Add your or other email address and that's it. Please do not use free email addresses in your posts (hotmail, gmail, AOL, yahoo, etc) as it does not lend any credibility to your posts. You may always add the statement USA only and your OFFICIAL email address.

If you need an email address please ask. We'll provide one for free as well as a forwarder that'll send inquiries you generate to your email address. Example:

( NDA = Non Disclosure Agreement. NCND = Non Circumvent Non Disclosure agreement)
We don't have time nor do we ever circumvent anyone and we certainly don't discuss a clients' proprietary information with anyone but if it makes a client more comfortable we'll execute and honor these agreements. If you follow our simple procedures and forward all inquiries you'll never have to execute these anyway. So, keep it simple - Post, receive inquiries, forward the complete inquiry to us.

We protect and value our clients and their information as well as our affiliates. Under no circumstances discuss a clients' loan with anyone at any time under any circumstances, including members of your family including your spouse. If you do and we find out we must sever ties with you. NO EXCEPTIONS!
We have been dealing with clients since 1988 and we've probably seen it all as it regards charlatans and scammers.
Here's a list of things that are usually signs of time wasters:
1: A potential client sends you large files filled with terms like "greatest, new invention or fantastic opportunity", or as we call it 'fluff' like solar power is great or there is a great demand for....... This is an example of an attempt to baffle us will male bovine excretion.
2: We may ask you to request simple yes or no or what should be one or two word answersb from a client and they send rambling answers, never getting to the point.
   Example: We ask for a credit report and they reply "credit is excellent." A lender needs a credit report, not a silly verbal reply about great credit. It may be true what they say but lenders need the tri merge credit report.
3: Incomplete Personal Financial Statements. Real borrowers have this ready at any time.
4: A proof of funds that is nothing more than a receipt from a recent sale of collateral. The client may have indeed sold a property recently and received a large amount of money. Only he and God knows what he did with that money! A lender needs a current, vettable Proof of Funds such as bank statements.
5: Clients who ramble on during what should be a quick phone call or email - usually the information is what we call male bovine excretion. A real client answers inquiries with the discipline of a witness in a court. Time wasters ramble on in an attempt to enamour you with their anectdotes. In our experience these people have "deals" that lead nowhere. Ignore them. You can even hang up on them if they keep rambling. No kidding. Life amd time are too valuable to waste on these types of people.
6: Potential clients who state they have X amount of offers already on the table. Ask yourself what they need you or us for if their statement is true. Be especially wary if you ask what those other offers are so we might at least meet or perhaps beat those offers and they ignore your request. IE: They lie.
7: Client states they have arranged for permanent financing but need to borrow 20% or 25%. This merely means they want or need to borrow the down payment. This is one of the biggest mistakes we see potential clients make and we ignore these types of requests. Think about it. If this was how things really worked, anyone could buy the world if they wanted to. In other words, it's BS.
8: The client is Mr X,  akin to the likes of Bill Gates but the contact person is "their representative".  Bill Gates or people like him would never, ever need us to obtain a loan. The "representative" is usually a scammer who merely wants your contacts.
9: A client wants to know who the lender is before they'll sign any agreements. Another scam - they simply want to cut you out of the deal and attempt to contact the lender directly. Ignore this type of individual. There are a thousand real loan opportunities for every sociopathic illegit borrower.
10: We ask for an FDD for flagging a hospitality project and client doesn't have it. Or, we ask for a rendering of the upgraded property and the client sends a simple non-related drawing they found on a search engine.

11: A potential client invokes the name of God and blesses me. Although admirable this has no place in an introductory business proposal.

12: There are fraudulent clients as well as fraudulent so called brokers or lenders. Make your life simple - simply Post, receive inquiries, forward the complete inquiry to us and avoid all of the BS artists that inhabit the world. We'll sort out the malcontents.

REAL CLIENTS know exactly what we'll need as it regards documentation required to facilitate a loan and they'll supply these documents almost immediately upon request. Avoid the scammers - just Post, receive inquiries, forward the complete inquiry to us.

Do NOT be overly impressed by the amount of zeros a given loan request might present. A bucket of zeros is still only worth zero.

There are a great many people in the world who have pie in the sky ideas that'll never come to fruition.

There are many people who have no money but want to buy or build multi-million dollar properties.

While there are thousands of unfunded project brokers/owners looking to sell their idea to a funding source for  capital support based on a return on future cash flows from projects, we are not in this class of capital sources.
Stick to PURCHASE, REFINANCE and BRIDGE loans for commercial real estate & investment properties and your chances for success are greatest.
In order for you to have a steady income stream it is strongly advised that you have a bare minimum of 15 viable loans in progress at any given time.

With the exception of one off investment properties such as single family or up to 4 unit multifamily rental investment properties, concentrate on loan amounts over $200,000. Otherwise you'll only earn small amounts of money. Understand we have no upper limit for loan amounts. And it takes the same amount of paperwork for us to process a $50,000 loan as it does to process a $500,000,000 loan. I hope this is clear. If unclear ask for an explanation and we'll elaborate on the subject for you.

IMPORTANT - For most purchase loan types the following will ALWAYS apply:
Purchase loan - client needs at least 20% and preferably 25% or more down payment in cash or collateral such as other free and clear properties.
Construction loan - client needs at least 35% down payment.
Refinance and bridge loan - client needs to contribute closing costs (appraisal, title work, etc)
If a client has no skin in the game, place them on your "pay no mind" list and delete their email. Don't bother forwarding it to us.
Read the FORMS page often as it is updated frequently as new loan programs are added or old programs are deleted or updated. That page is probably your most valuable resource. It is highly recommended you bookmark that page and refer to it often.

Remember -
The most successful affiliates understand that the path of least resistance is -
 Post your ad, receive inquiries, forward the complete inquiry to us.

Do NOT deviate from this procedure or you'll waste your time.
I cannot emphasize this enough!

Just forward inquiries to us and we'll sort them out.
If you follow this one simple rule you won't have to signa n nda, you won't accidentally set up conference calls that may conflict with our schedule and you won't look like an inexperienced facilitator who might lose clients constantly.
Do not EVER send us inquiries to us for deals outside our service area. Just delete anything that isn't in the following areas or you'll waste your time:

USA - CANADA - U.S. Virgin Islands - Puerto Rico

If you do send requests for loans outside our service areas, you are wasting your time as well as ours.
Trust us on this. No overseas deals are worth your consideration.
They never, ever close and you'll waste your and our valuable time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Fast close - interest only available - Development - Land Loans - Construction - Purchase - Bridge - Re-Finance

USA - CANADA - U.S. Virgin Islands - Puerto Rico
(U.S. Virgin Islands - Puerto Rico = Purchase, refinance and bridge loans ONLY)

Your best results as an affiliate will result from
Acquisition* (purchase) - Re-finance - Bridge loans

Construction loans require very financially strong and experienced clients.
Development and land loans should be the last thing you concentrate on unless it's specifically listed on the FORMS page!!!

People - if you don't know simply look it up. The internet has answers to most questions as well as dictionaries and thesaurus'.
"Never guess - Look it up."  An encyclopedia salesman spoke those words to my second grade class in 1962 and those words still ring true today.

* Yes - one affiliate actually asked what the word acquisition means so we made it clear above by using the word purchase.

The procedure......
Post your ad, receive inquiries, forward the complete inquiry to us.
 That is all you have to do.

Q: How do I get paid as a referral agent?

1:Make certain you have a signed fee split agreement which has both your signature and a signature from a Michael Lewis Group area manager or owner.
2: Except in the case of a credit line, 95% of the time we are paid out of escrow from a title company at closing of a loan. Just prior to closing we will ask you for the following information and you should create a text file and save it on your hard drive so you have it ready at a moments' notice:

Name on bank account wire transfer will be sent to
Routing number
Account number
Address of bank branch your account was created at - street address, city, state, zip
Bank branch phone number

The above info assures you are paid in the most expedient and efficient manner.

You may request a certified check but this takes longer and any overnight or other mailing method charges will be deducted from your check amount.
In the event we are not paid from escrow we are supposed to be paid within 72 hours and the mailing charge for a certified bank check will not be deducted from your check. If we aren't paid on a loan, you aren't paid until the client wises up and does pay us. IE: We have to litigate. This rarely if ever occurs but we wanted to be transparent about this.

We cannot pay you unless you've provided a signed fee agreement that has your EIN, TIN or SSN.  You will be asked for a W9 with the above unique identifier (EIN, TIN or SSN) that we provide and you'll receive a 1099 form at year end for filing with you tax return(s).

We can facilitate commercial real estate loans for almost every conceivable property type.
Most commercial real estate property types:
Multi Family
Mobile Home Parks
Light Industrial
Car Washes
Automotive Services
Office Buildings
Mixed-Use Buildings
Shopping Malls
Apartment Buildings
Auto Dealerships
Funeral Homes
Self-Storage Units
Gas Stations
Assisted Living
Retail Stores
Shopping Centers
Golf Courses
Parking Structures
Medical Facilities
Not an all inclusive list - Most U.S.A. Commercial Real Estate property types considered.
If you've read this far and have no questions you are ready to post your material.

If you still have questions please contact me.
We do not discriminate in any way, shape or form. All are welcome.

Veteran Owned
  Michael Lewis Group Commercial Real Estate Loans