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Commercial Real Estate Loan FAQ

Q: What is the bare minimum basic information required to determine if a commercial real estate loan is available for my property?
A: Property type, property location, purchase amount, down payment amount, type of loan required. (Acquisition, re-fi or bridge).
     Our fee agreement is issued ONLY if we have a lender for your property, based upon the answers to the 5 above questions at a minimum.
Q: Do you or your lenders charge up front facilitation fees?
A: No.    However, be advised appraisal and normative closing fees will in most cases certainly apply.
     The only exception might be debt capital markets facilitation fees for large commercial development capital raises. (Eg: A $500m Casino -Resort)
     Although extremely rare we ask that in the event any of our lenders solicit any type of up front facilitation fee you contact us immediately.
Q: Can you facilitate debt/equity combos, mezzanine or equity investments or loans?
A: Yes.
Q: We have substantial assets, money, cash flow, experience but don't want to deal with completing numerous forms in order to abtain funding.
A: Simply send the minimum required answers to the basic 5 questions (What, where, amount required, amount you can contribute and type of loan required, along with the contact information of the buyer and seller representative attorney and accountant and we'll take it from there. At most we'll require your signature(s) when applicable.
Q: What is the minimum down payment for acquiring a commercial property?
A: Generally speaking, 20 - 30% for the best rate and terms. We do have lenders who with lesser down payments for specific property types.
Q: Do you have lenders for construction loans for commercial real estate?
A: For qualified clients in specific MSA's and for a narrow range of property types, yes.
Q: Will you work with CRE loan brokers?
A: If a loan broker contacts us and has already issued a fee agreement to a client while having no lender for said loan request, definitely not. The Michael Lewis Group and the lenders we work with will not entertain any loan request that involves a daisy chain of joker brokers.
We welcome any loan referrals from commercial real estate brokers, A&D attorneys, accountants representing potential investors, and similar referring agents.
Inquire about our commercial real estate loan referral agent compensation program.
Q: I have no money but have located an excellent commercial property and would like to buy it. Do you have a loan program for me?
A: Generally speaking if a borrower has no 'skin in the game' and no relevant experience owning or managing similar property types, no. However, if a particular property appraises at well over the purchase price and is above a certain minimum occupancy rate and is cash flowing + and can cover the debt service, perhaps yes depending upon all of the other circumstances regarding the property and potential buyer.

Q: We're shopping our loan around. May we ask you for a hard quote?
A: No. We can supply you with a range of conditional terms at most. Most of our clients contact us after having entered into a purchase contract.
Q: I am not a citizen of the USA. Can I or my foreign based company purchase commercial real estate in the USA?
A: Yes. We work with attorneys who specialize in assisting foreign entities who wish to  establish a foot print in the USA for the purpose of investing in          commercial real estate in the USA.
Q: Can you facilitate funding for municipal buildings, sporting venues, airports, shipping ports, low income housing, infrastructure or other government sponsored acquisitions, refinance, revitalization or public private partnership (PPP) project loans?
A: Yes. Contact us with a brief overview of your requirements.
Q: Do you facilitate residential real estate loans for single family properties? IE: A home.
A: No.
     We can facilitate SFR developments comprised of multiple homes for qualified, established and experienced contractors and developers.
Q: Do you facilitate loans for commercial properties outside the USA?
A: Determinations are made on a case by case basis. No OFAC entities can or will be considered. To submit your loan for consideration, send only the 
     following basic information. Submitting superfluous information regarding loans outside the USA will likely result in a swift declination.
         Property type, location country and city, GPS coordinates if available, loan amount required, borrowers contribution in debt and equity, net worth
         of  borrowing entity, schedule of properties owned if applicable, principal or representative contact information tel/fax/cell/email, and a one page
         executive summary. SUBMIT.
Q: Is there a minimum or maximum loan amount?
A: The minimum is $250,000. There is virtually no maximum amount.
Q: How long will it take to process my loan?
A: Generally speaking, once all required documents are received: The average times are:
     Perm loan: 60 days, re-fi: 60 days, bridge loan or hard money loan: 3 - 30 days
Q: What is your success fee?
A: Typically 1%-2% on loans over $1mm.  2-3% on loans under $250k. Probably 1% above $50mm. Payable only at or just after your loan closing.

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